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DUO Fortnite Fashion Contest (Winner = $100)


Welcome to the Fortnite Fashion Contest DUO Drip Edition. Best Duo Wins.
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  1. Zevi 76 says

    You are s[oooooo loud

  2. Abram M says

    That oblivion and brontosaurus guy were clean. If they were in sink it would’ve been insane!

  3. Abram M says

    He an INSALT to the fishy gang. TIKO FOREVER!

  4. Carson Zuba says

    The Knight dude was doing a horse ride

  5. Unkown U says

    Who else thought at 8:30 that guy was a legend?

  6. Rocketlauncher56 says


  7. KevinCrazy0825 says

    Bro the knights should have won

  8. Amelia Ah Ching says

    How to win a fashion show

    Have a good skin and you will win the whole thing, you don't even need an emote

  9. Joseph Berryman says

    The black and red knight: the black knight was knighting the red one

  10. Mr Potato says
  11. Mr Potato says
  12. Ninja Mitch says

    They kill the kraken

    Live event people : bruh

  13. Mini fresh Asian says

    Hi Lachy it’s Henry

  14. Levi Walls says

    Lachlan made bad choices

  15. Hunnehxjt_ YT says

    9:41 NOOO IM CRYING ??

  16. Braylon Forde says

    n n n o. n a x X X Y y y X x

  17. The king Gamer says

    Your judgment is trash

  18. Harry Brar says

    Do more video with twins

  19. Shaydem says

    The knights were doing the British thing that the queen does

  20. Funzz Up says

    Jet engine

  21. justin commack says

    I am sorry but this was just I don’t even know what this was

  22. Jacob Brock says

    jesus let the people finish there emote

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