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Drinking Games Live: Game Changer


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  1. Márton Szabó says

    "Anything not Treyarch is good" I used to agree with that but then BO2 ended up being one of the best Call of Duties and my all time favourite game lol

  2. Nick Lepsch says

    Just watched bout 5 of your videos all mw2…the best part about your vids…you don’t rage if you get killed…good stuff…are you gonna stream or vid new call of duty?

  3. Mr X says

    I so hope they re-master this game so he will come back and play it! 2018

  4. NickMeckler says

    You're a skinny big body bes

  5. Ken B says

    Funny how Treyarch used to be the games we didn't like. Now we can't wait for Treyarch because the other 2 are just fucking awful.

  6. Matt Gantt says

    treyarch is better now re watching all old cods 😀

  7. Noble says

    "Anything not Treyarch is good." Then we all found out Black Ops II is 10x better than MW3. 

  8. KiaInBo2 says

    name of the song at 3:40?

  9. Jerry Lopez says

    What are you drinking

  10. Punisher3545 says

    I mean whisky is meant to be drank slowly, not doing shots like vodka, but everyone has their own taste

  11. TieKneePooKnee says

    you should have said FUCK! ONE OF UAV *RageQuit*

  12. dlaird8 says

    This game was so much fun. My favorite. This is Sandy at his best.

  13. The3lderGam3r says

    don't like the truth??

  14. PracticallyAFK says

    i really hope infinity ward starts making games like this one again

  15. stealnight says

    "i want mw3"

  16. Ruki says

    Anything not Treyarch is good. Now he's a going Duke Mode with the Remmington 🙂

  17. Captain Fuckface says

    You could say the same about MW3. Be glad black ops 2 at least TRIED to fix a couple things. MW3 looks like it was thrown together within a week.

  18. azaz321able says

    "i want mw3" hahahahahhal

  19. Cortanaa 〈3 says

    3:02 His Reaction wtf my reaction where rage quit i was so close for Chopper :c

  20. AsariC0mmando says

    i want to see the conclusion of that match at the end 😛

  21. SaciakE says

    You don't?

  22. Im a nice guy Please pick me says

    Wow, I found my long lost brother.

  23. Gpal says

    " ^^ " what the jew??

  24. Half-life 3 Lead Designer says

    I thought it was quite obvious that he meant sober so my response was sarcastic^^

  25. Gpal says

    what the jew??

  26. Half-life 3 Lead Designer says

    no he meant on bath salt 0.o

  27. Gpal says

    u mean sober?

  28. Sir_K says

    U want o top comment, ya 😀

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