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Another episode in my Road to Glory FM20 series with Greek second tier side Apollon Smyrnis. This Football Manager 2020 series starts off in the Greek Super League 2 – we’ve got no money, no fans and no idea how to speak the language. But we do have Mrs Wearmouth’s millions, which she’s used to build a state of the art youth facility and some lofty ambitions of Apollon winning the Champions League and Greece winning the World Cup. If she can find a recently retired Kev…

This is going to be a kind of hybrid Youth Academy challenge (but not quite) and Building a Nation (but not quite) save, of course with an added Kev spin…

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  1. Ciaran Blavins says

    You don't need a replacement for Damien. You've got me Kev ?

  2. Jose M Rodríguez says

    Why you don't put the real kits

  3. Tom Hinds says

    The opening scene with Mrs Wearmouth are always brilliant ?

  4. Mr. Ovalle says

    maybe if you learned how to properly pronounce feliciano's name, he would score goals for you! ???

  5. Jordan Stallings says

    Did Olympiacos get third in their group?

  6. Andy D says

    Do you still not pick your own bench?! Never change, Kev. Never change.

  7. John Howell says

    I really can’t see the green kit on green grass. I just see a ball randomly rolling around whenever they have the ball ?

  8. YNWA says

    You never checked on Olympiakos in the league or Europe lol

  9. blancyman says

    noticed that AEK qualified from their Europa League group in second behind Arsenal, more lovely coefficiant points if they can get past the next round

  10. _ Floyd says

    So, is "nipple height" a thing? (6:03) Like, "My my little Johnny, you've really grown. You are almost nipple height now!"

  11. SportHugo says

    Kev has mastered the skill of Super subs. Getting Damian on and scoring on his first touch is just some brilliance.

  12. Soltan Morad Bakhtiar says

    Sign Meslier

  13. Matty W says

    Feliciano out!
    Blavins in!

  14. ThreeRunHomer says

    Will Kev use prospects from his vaunted and expensive youth squads to replace the 3 who are leaving? Or will he sign 3 Brazilians?

  15. Gerard Turley says

    You had been saying Europa so here we go.?⚽️?

    So glad you mentioned the FIRST BRIGADE..?? They are ?

  16. Phoenix Gaming says

    It’s funny how we all forget how much Merola does for the club Damian has been good but in attack with Merola is how it works

  17. Glen Stanbury says

    Really love this series. Would love to see you do s series in south America, maybe Brazil or Argentina. Wouldn't need to worry about work permits for those wonderkids.

  18. AstrianLoki says

    As strange as it sounds. Losing 3-0 over two games to Man City is encouraging and the Lepzig game was memorable. Hopefully a nice rep bump with Thursday night football still to come.

  19. Sean Jolly says

    Genius ideas by Kev there. Have Lawson have a poor game against his current club, the manager be like "yeah he's still not at our standard" and bring him back again next season as he still needs time.


  20. C X says


  21. ryan lawson says

    You’ll miss Lawson ?

  22. Daniel Iwu Total Football says

    Kev I think they will be in February

  23. Daniel Gothe says

    I feel like we need a career update on Fat John.

  24. Philip Bell says

    U forgot to check n shows us how Olympiacos got on in there group….

  25. Malcolm Boyd says


  26. Malcolm Boyd says

    First comment

  27. Philip Bell says

    Show us the find similar player option let’s see if u can find someone on Damian’s level ready for next season.

  28. sampas99 says

    Feliciano is pronounced like Felicia.

  29. Insert Clickbate says

    That Twitch plug

  30. Joseph Banks says

    Panathinakios are having the season of their lives you have to feel bad for them since there’s 2 even better teams

  31. blackyak 87 says

    Here he is ??

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