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Drag Race: Formula E Car vs Cheetah


What happens when a Formula E car and one of nature’s fastest animals go head-to-head? Subscribe for more Formula E: How we did it:

Watch our car race against a cheetah in a coming-together of one of the animals most at threat of climate change, and a machine designed to help in that fight.

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  1. ABB Formula E says

    Our behind the scenes documentary on how…and why…we made this is now live – check it out – and if you want to tell Mr Clarkson and his mates to watch that would be great⚡️: https://youtu.be/yHUx-ghUZbs

  2. Serr Kocc says

    topspeed cheetah: 93 km/hr …lol

  3. Ivan Tomić says

    Seems like the cheetah was just doing an easy jogging routine

  4. Ahmed Elrayes says
  5. Ronan Felix says


  6. KYNEX 彡WDUHEK says

    This video doesn't goes through my mind hw u can compare a machine and a living being …jst tell the formula driver to race with him if he dares

  7. Lekk3r says

    i aways asked my self if this video is real or not

  8. Liliana Diaz says

    Que bicho ????

  9. Mustafa Doğan says

    kalkışta gene geçememiş

  10. Prateek Gautam says

    Cheetah acceleration is much faster than Formula one car .

  11. farzu mahmudov says


  12. Rock Star says

    Is this real or animated cheetha

  13. Dean Nesbit says

    formula E car.

  14. renu ambesh says

    Devel sixteen could have easily defeated cheetah….yeah

  15. Kasun Lokuliyana says

    Whoa. the best engineered car can barely beat a cheetah.

  16. Victor K says

    I know they said it wasn’t hurt in the making of this video, but is there really any way to control a WILD animal without abusing it?

  17. Los mundos de Ema, Manú y Sara. says

    İ love the leopards

  18. Michael Tapel says

    I’ll pick the cheetah any day, what a beauty of nature

  19. Danny Biswas says


  20. Internal says

    Is this real?

  21. Shinra Senpai says

    Cheetah can only maintain their speed about half mile
    But still, their acceleration and Turns are on different level

  22. Mimi Kyuki says

    The real king of speed, doesn't need to dive down from great heights to achieve top speed, just using its own ability.

  23. Pietro Anghelone says

    Try with f2004

  24. Victor Modesto says

    Vim pelo Felipe Neto

  25. Ebrahym Shah says

    Who wants him to race with turbo.?

  26. Mubin Chowdhury says

    How the hell a race like this happens??

  27. the dog tobs says

    What do you expect? It’s a race car vs a cat

  28. Kashani Abbas says


  29. Aztai Negen says

    Machine is technology. Cheetah is animal

  30. Charlotte BrightAndSunnyW says

    That cheetah is CGI right (fake) because there is no way a cheetah can stop and start and the exact same time as the car its just not possible

  31. Everyday Praise the Lord Haleluyah says
  32. PZoid Noob says

    Run cheeta run dam

  33. Sanjeev Kumar says

    Cheetah is awesome

  34. DAVID CHEN says

    I didn't watch the video full yet, im gonna guess: race car won. It's only logical

  35. dreik masi says


  36. M. Arif says

    Wow what an amazing cheetah and sport car

  37. Hanif Soeharto says

    may i know is this a real? that they were racing together between formula E and cheetah?

  38. gracie adams says
  39. Gergő Molnár says

    When you realise even the Cheetah have a better Sound

  40. un X pected says

    cheetah is a paid actor

  41. sean7891233 says

    Good cat! Well trained cat …

  42. MIXED VIBES says

    trained cheetah=i am going to spar with this racer
    wild cheetah=i am going to kill him

  43. md gias talukdar says

    Nature is very powerful

  44. khushbu vyas says


  45. Rihan Kc says


  46. côn tây vlog says


  47. Kalindu Randima says

    No one can beat cheetah.

  48. Rao Ali Hamza Shan says


  49. Rao Ali Hamza Shan says


  50. COOLCAMON says

    who trained the cheetah? some cheater?

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