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Dr. Gundry Talks CORONAVIRUS And How To STAY HEALTHY! | Lewis Howes


Dr. Steven Gundry is a renowned cardiologist, surgeon, medical device inventor, and bestselling author. Although he has performed thousands of heart surgeries in his 40-year career, Dr. Gundry’s current focus is empowering people through diet to reverse and prevent ailments. He’s the Director and Founder of the International Heart & Lung Institute as well as the Center for Restorative Medicine in Palm Springs and Santa Barbara, CA. He helps patients learn how to take control of their weight, health, and energy by using his surprisingly simple diet advice.

He’s the New York Times best-selling author of The Plant Paradox, and his latest book is The Longevity Paradox which is all about how we can live long, healthy lives and fight the diseases of aging. He also hosts his own health podcast, The Dr. Gundry Podcast which gives you the tools and information you need to hack your vitality, avoid dangerous “health foods,” and balance your all-important gut.

This is the third time I’ve had Dr. Gundry on The School of Greatness, and each time I’m inspired by his knowledge and his motivation to help other people learn the truth about food, gut health, and mental clarity. Check out our past episodes together to learn more about his practices and health advice: Episode 772 and Episode 521.

In times like now, it is so important to make sure our bodies are healthy and our immune systems are strong. Learn how to take control of your health, strengthen your defenses, and protect yourself from COVID-19 on Episode 935 with the wonderful Dr. Steven Gundry.

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  1. Lewis Howes says

    What are you doing to stay healthy especially in times like these?

  2. J London says

    Preservatives — kill bacteria. Biblically, fermented milks were drank – daily ( kefir) . No refrigeration = fresh, fermented and / or dried foods . Regularly purging / cleansing with fasting & bitter herbs ( to rid of pathogens and overgrowth ) and replenishing with fermented foods. What worked 5000 yrs ago, works today . If it is true, that the average 65+ yr old American have 10+ prescriptions , maybe that is the link to senior "COVID ' vulnerabilities. Note that commercial "kefir" and / or " yogurt "s … are not kefir / yogurt . Also note that " processed / low-fat / homogenized milk — is not milk (anymore ) .An interesting correlation to look for might be one between "celiac" and Secularism. Traditional fundamental religious diets are / were not arbitrary.

  3. Joux Jocel says
  4. Georgina Cleveland says

    Wow Brilliant ????

  5. Making Life Wonderful says

    Wierd… so why are beans common thread between blue zones? I think this video debunks the lectins idea… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NT4q_5dfLs&t=5s

  6. Cyril Sneer says

    He's right! Many medical issues would be better with "natural" activities.
    BUT nobody wouldn't earn money with that.
    So nearly every Doctor will give u in first that Therapy that give him the most Profit! Sad but true… ????????‍♂️????

  7. M Smith says

    good information thank you

  8. Sunny Bee says

    Thanks for all the information. Could you give us some information on the kidneys orCKD patients

  9. margie says

    I like this guy and respect his theories, however his example of the "bad neighborhood people " reekes of middle class elite inellecual lack of consciousness for systemic economic suppression of poor whites and non whites. It was a poor choice , when you are putting it out in cyber space for all to benefit all. Please chose another example.

  10. Yolonda Richardson says

    Best conversation I've heard today… thank you.

  11. Renee Henderson says

    I lost respect for him when he said the Mediterranean diet doesn't work. I met a man in Greece that was at least 113 years old and ate tomatoes grown in the village every day of his life. And he walked his donkey up and down the hillsides daily. The Mediterranean diet didn't seem to bother him, or the other villagers who regularly live into their late nineties and early hundreds….

  12. Eye opening truth says

    I do not think that I am ape. I am 10000 times better than them. Moreover, in corona time, I have not seen any mother not to carry their bsbes. My fragile mother go through a lot of pain to give me this precious birth. I never let touch any stranger to me or never touched anyone who is not my closed ones. I never felt depressed whole of my life. Moreover, food requirements are different with every single human. One size does not fits all. We are different biologically. It's not melanin content wise but it's more about what can you digest or what food harms you can be different with different human BIOS.

  13. David Infante says

    This guy never explained what you need to eat just kept rambling on

  14. Ed Jackson says

    Im sorry, but this guy sounds full of shit. I want to believe him, but his snarkey " know it all attitude" points to someone that likes the sound of his own voice, and knows less than he thinks. Maybe Im wrong

  15. Brickpaving Artificial turf says


  16. Robert Martinez says

    100 trillion? That sounds like the US debt! Lol

  17. Sonia Wasan says

    Lewis Howes, thank you for all the extremely helpful videos you are sharing. This is a great service to humankind!

  18. nood2345 says

    His 20lb fat belly is very distracting when he is advising us what to eat.

  19. hh23 hh23 says

    One long cimmercial….no answers unlessbu buy his book

  20. Cynical Fitness says

    Doc is the paradox book good guideline agaisnt covid?

  21. Theknow All says

    Thirty minutes in he discusses what not to eat. For people with a leaky gut, avoid grains, beans (including peanuts, cashews) Peal and de-seed, tomatoes, peppers.
    Macadamias, walnuts, peeled almonds are ok. Otherwise pectins may be a problem.

  22. The Wellness Code by Alex says

    Yes, I can not eat any grains. I feel so much better since I gave up all grains.

  23. JustTruth says

    Painful, unnecessarily long interview with amny tangents. Get to the point in 30 minutes!! Nothing wrong with cashews!!

  24. Cornish Coves says

    I've been following most of his eating advice for couple of years….(I always was as I don't like most of the stuff that he said we should not eat; my main fault was eating too much bread or treats at times….(as I did during pandemic and thus gained weight…)…but must he talk about the bacteria and all these things in our gut as though they think with a brain.?…a feel like a creature from "Alien"….lol…..anyway I hope it all works out…..I still have arthritis(65 yrs) but never take meds unless I get a headache……he's wasting his time talking to women about natural delivery as these days they seem to be convinced it is better to have surgery to give birth to a baby….(some divas)…the simple carbs should leave me alone soon I hope…lol)

  25. Alya Retreat says

    Can anyone share how Dr. Gundry has given scientific/medical evidence to what he claims from his patients? 40 years of experience has truth however I cannot find any actual proof of what he claims. There is so much information on the internet now about who experiences and can prove what – research – data – proves. At this point in our evolution and current 'pandemic', we need more clarity to help us move forward in understanding what is really going on, not only with viruses, but also human biology. I respect Dr. Gundry for his work and contribution, however, some of us need to know more. Can anyone share more clear information on this matter?

  26. Frank Velik says

    Stay away from mainstream medea as another commenter stated, 9 year without watching local channels. The best thing ever.

  27. Mon Ramirez says

    "9 cups of vegetables a day… You should see a giant anaconda in your toilet" ????

  28. kameshe420 says

    No Ice Cream????

  29. Mike Carey says

    Why is everyone pushing the vaccine hoax? Why is no one talking about the cure for the virus? Good grief! It is easily killed, naturally, but it is like people are brain dead. I have 3 proven, natural remedies that work every time, but no one is interested. People are brain-washed by the MSM, Big Pharma and the Deep State.

  30. TiMalice2009 says

    I take 30,000 IUs of vitamin D a day increased from 15,000 IUs and my vitamin D tested is 42 ng/ml. I’m continuing with my current dose until my next test in the Fall.

  31. Verde Voda says

    Dont swallow your teeth pulled oil. That s a stupid thing to do.

  32. R Lee says

    I just started making my own toothpaste with equal parts of coconut oil and baking soda and then adding in cocoa powder as heard it has more remineralizing than fluoride.

  33. R Lee says

    This is a great channel. Full of great info and not just chitchat. Thank you Dr, Steven for sharing so much!

  34. R Lee says

    I LOVE that you love cats!

  35. R Lee says

    This is absolutely excellent material. I didn't know about cucumber and spinach, as I was eating those almost everyday and not realizing they may be contributing to leaky gut, as I had already gone GF and GrainFree and mostly Nightshade free.

  36. Mary Gunning says

    Causation the why of Disease. I learned about causation and susceptibility when I studied homoeopathy many moons ago. The founder of Homoeopathy wrote this stuff about 1790 in Saxony Germany you can still buy his writings and theory. The why of disease is forgotten by the Quack industry, conveniently so. Big money in cutting people up and keeping them sick.

  37. SAJ Forever says

    Tomorrow they will say “all type of nuts are bad for you”
    My thing is:
    Eat with moderation (healthy and clean food no junk), lower your animal meat and animal products intake, eat more vegetables nuts , lower your sugar and salt intake
    , exercise, sleep well, socialize, enjoy nature, have pets, love yourself, breath, have faith, travel the world and the list goes on and you will be happy ????????????
    Forgot to add, let your body fight any disease before you resort to medication ????

  38. For Peace says


  39. R S says

    I disagree o the any olive oil comment. You want pure organic olive oil. Not all olive oils are created equal. Some are actually made with bad ingredients and sold as good olive oil with dyes added. Be careful when purchasing. Be selective.

  40. Vivek Sharma says

    Our bacteria decide whom we will love so keep them happy!

  41. sequi- tur says

    6' distancing is for your cell phones not for you!

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