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Dr. David Kessler – Controlling Food Urges (THE END OF OVEREATING)


Dr. David Kessler – Our minds and bodies are being hijacked by fat, sugar and salt, says author David Kessler, MD, in THE END OF OVEREATING. Profit-driven food makers pushing junk and obesity can be thwarted with persistence and a simple food rehab program.

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  1. Heidi Howe says

    I <3 Dr. Kessler, but this video plays like food pornography.

  2. elenaswinger.com says

    It`s problably efficient way of losing weight, no doubt but I think even if someone is not a vegan can lose weight easily just by limit daily callories a little bit, it is not big effort, less lower than exercises (: or limit yourself to eating specific products. Of course we should avoid not healthy products.

  3. Dennis Nowland says

    Really good. The food industry sells us food we find delicious. Lets face it we would not eat it if it was not preferable to our palate compared to natural foods. Until people realise this and act upon it the majority of the population.will never control their cravings and their wt.

  4. cataria says

    just one thing to throw in, throw enough good carbohydrates in, fruit as best, fresh dates if u really want sth. amazingly sweet, if no fruit around go to gluten free starches. but get enough carbs in. at least 3000 kcal a day. carbs never make u fat.
    and get enough nutrition in through raw fruits and veg to really satisfy the need of the body for nutrition to let the body be nutritional satisfied. also be vegan of course at least 😉

  5. Kajsa Blom says

    a lot of people don't know they overeat…

  6. th1smomentisfate says

    i wish you luck, i am still struggling as well, i wake up positive thinking i will eat healthy and wont eat until im nauseous but then i suddenly find any excuse really and end up doing it anyway. its sp frustrating i lost 100 lbs and have managed to put back 25 lbs, i feel so lost, you know? i really wish you well, i know how tough it can be….

  7. th1smomentisfate says

    i have the same struggles, have you been able to find any way to deal with your food issues? i have been struggling and not sure what to do

  8. darknessice says

    healthy food is delicious too……

  9. shonhubble says

    This is the greatest triggering video ever.

  10. britneyslut says

    @campcurry Yes but they need to stop it also ,and we the people must put our feet down for them to stop be it boycotting or sueing and closing them down ,Its a drug not food .

  11. britneyslut says

    This is so true ,i used to eat pizzahut chicken nuggets them things are so freaking good 🙁 ,and i made it at home with normal ingredients and it taste great and its not addictive and i get full .so i trust this video its really the truth

  12. campcurry says

    The food corps won't do the right thing…they never do. It's up to us…

  13. toppinzr says

    One way to gain control back is to avoid exposing yourself to advertising: take advertising seriously as a source of behavior and avoid it. Most people like to imagine they aren't influenced by advertising so most don't do this.

  14. tasteusa says

    I don't see it..the Food Industry is "manipulating" us..and so, how is this different than the Auto Ind. getting us to buy their cars, Cosmetic cosmetics, etc.? And is the Tobacco Ind. apples to apples in comparison – you MUST eat, but you can live without tobacco – even if you're addicted to it, you can still maintain body functions..

    It's creepy how people can be manipulated to believe what this guy says..I guess it's the power of his convictions, who knows..

  15. Cleopatra says

    @chicagoalmose raw vegan??

  16. chicagoalmose says

    @prettyinpinkxit jealous of what? You look slender on your vlog?

  17. asdf ghjk says

    overeating isn't a problem for me because i have metabolism however you spell that.

  18. Eliza Raffles says

    wow it's been torture looking at the food on this vid…just takes one bite, too…

  19. chicagoalmose says

    This is a very important video! It is amazing that this situation exists. I became a raw vegan and lost weight and feel great!

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