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Juicy Dots!

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  1. tacotuesdays says
  2. Faded Dragon says

    So yesterday I used the words “IM JUICY HOHNS COUSIN SO VITE ME QB”they all voted and sent friend request so I lobbed it to the other team and left?

  3. Faded Dragon says

    Juicy: I hate my life I genuinely hat my life/the wr’s when they heard that:WHO IS GONNA BE THE NEW JUICY HE QUIT

  4. Max Bianco says

    You are the most under rated you tuber I have ever seen. Yet you are the best I have seen

  5. funnykidsplay 12 says

    Imma big fan but can u 1v1 me?

  6. Joslyn Morales says

    This dude's blames his wrs but he throws terrible passes to the ground

  7. Joey Guli says

    Stop saying u hate ur life it’s a game ur life is fine unlike some of us

  8. Mike Cubes says

    @6:31 juicy John says” i hate this stupid game!”
    Me: then why u play it??

  9. Lil AJ says

    No cap u gotta hog more

  10. Cortex30 says

    he Sounding Like The Bee From Bee Movie Lol

  11. SheeDaDiva83 says

    do a face revile

  12. Zk and friends King says

    Juicy is one of the greatest football fusion qbs and player

  13. justin molina says

    this guy gets annoying in 2 seconds AND I LOVE IT

    jk he suxs

  14. 10k subs with 9 videos says

    Juicy: dimes on day

    Me: ya right

    He missies

    Juicy: my power.

  15. Lordianboss G.O.A.T says

    At 2:26 had a man just waiting for the dime in the left side of the end zone

  16. Tsunami persons says

    He was a global receiver U ACTUALLY BELIEVE HIM LOL

  17. Jarret Merrill says

    Losing to the bengals the Nfl ???????

  18. Jacob Ward says

    I try my hardest in football fusion but I'm still as bad as a week old player

  19. Kid Prescott says

    1v1 me

  20. Bravical says

    Do you have a favorite NFL team?

  21. Nikki Tesla says

    Godly wrs and juicy qb

  22. A Fitz says

    Juicy John

  23. A Fitz says

    I love you

  24. A Fitz says


  25. A Fitz says


  26. Creatorthecloud 999 says

    wr: runs a post corner
    juicy: thats a fade, run a fade

  27. Filip Soltys says

    Can you add me I’m good at that game and my user is Slender1230173

  28. aw hecc man issa crepper says

    3 dislikes are the people who got mossed

  29. Jace Winfield says

    I beat toxic in a 1v1 he didn't seem like a global wr lol

  30. The Real Savage says

    Juice ur one of the first youtubers that actually listen to comments

  31. The Real Savage says

    Thanks for the highlight and like or whatever that is

  32. The Real Savage says

    George floyd???

  33. CALUM HURWITZ says

    Dots dots dots!

  34. Holden says

    @2:26 look back left corner of the endzone at the guy wide open… man's day was destroyed!

  35. Brian Tran says


  36. Pro Roboxer says

    Lit video u deserve 1m no joke

  37. Lvndos says

    You’re like a worse dimerdillon but it’s so funny and way better content in my opinion. Underrated you are. – Yoda

  38. Gamer Does Football says

    Juicy John is Joe Burrow for the Bengals

  39. Yo BOI Leo 21 says

    I just posted a new montage do you mind checking it out?

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