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|| DO’S AND DON’TS WHEN MAKING MUSIC VIDEOS! || Royale High | TheGacha Kitten



Heyy! Thank you for Watching My Video!


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Editing Apps used:

-Photo Layers
-Ibis Paint
-Pics Art


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  1. ItsAngel says

    😮 tysm for telling 🙂 i like ur cahnnel more than others cause i never see a moblie player make music video that good

  2. Maia Quevedo says

    You are cute

  3. ellooo says

    I’m really sorry about what happened to your dog. I promise he’s/she’s in a better place now🥺❤️

  4. Arualix! says

    Prayers for your dog! May the poor dog Rest In Peace 🙂 . ❤️❤️

  5. Emeltv says

    I am so so so sorry your dog died

  6. Sunflower _girlYDR says

    😭😭am so sorry for you lost I feel so sad and bad to hear about it I want to cry for you I am crying no joke😭😭ilysm and your strong🥺❤️ it happen to me too so I now who it feels😭🥺

  7. Payton Bailey’s Silly fun channel says

    How do you change the face

  8. Payton Bailey’s Silly fun channel says

    This really helped me a lot because I'm a YouTuber and I've been wanting to make a Roblox video of a song for my first roblox video this really helped me a lot and you're pretty much the only YouTuber I watch and I love the songs you make and thank you so much

  9. Eglantina Leti says

    You are so cool

  10. Sofia Marathias says

    no no i could have swarn do’s and donuts

    sorry i didnt hear he part about your dog im so sorry about your loss

  11. S t a r r y says

    Hi! I’m a bit late 😛 anyway how do you stop recording without bringing that recording thing to show?? I’m dying to know😌 oh wait that rhymed..

  12. Kate Stasyna says


  13. Jenelle's World says

    Omg I’m so sorry fly high doggy

  14. Mia The psychopath says

    OMG I’m so sorry for your dog 🐶 Rip

  15. Madder Hatter says

    Thank you a lot! <33333 this helps a lot!

  16. Dev Memories says

    Plz feel good

  17. LARA EL HELOU says

    I’m so sorry about ur dog 🙁 I’m sure all of us will be ok with u taking a break from yt take as long as u want I know me and others know how u feel just know we’re here for u Edit: :O I’ve never had a liked comment from a youtuber omg tysm! <3

  18. Brandi L says

    I’m Sorry for your loss

  19. Lalo Aparicio says

    Should I download ipaint?

  20. Hind bukhari says

    im so sorry for your dog i pray for him in islam also can you please make a video of tips on having a channel and maybe some tips for gaining more subs? you don't have to i know your gonna be inactive but if you are free and wanna make a viddeo this is just a idea you can choose if you wanna make or not have a lovely day bye!

  21. Unicorn Matea says

    Who thinks Jen is so talented leave a like if you think that

  22. Christine Zinszer-Plack says

    Do one for adopt me plsss

  23. Summer blossom says

    1 day ago 12 dislikes wow I’m not saying your bad I’m surprised how many people disliked in one day

  24. Cloudy says

    “iPads have a bigger screen”
    Me looking at my iPad mini 👁👄👁

  25. Itz_lily! says

    Fly high angel R.I.P. jens dog! 🥺🐶

  26. Lily_Omar_PlayZ says

    R.I.P to your dog.
    But at least your dog is a better place with god.
    I’m so sorry for your lost.

  27. Cirlene Pizana says

    I feel sorry

  28. Bibiana Garcia says

    Well I'm really sorry for that and your heart is so sad bc of your dog

  29. Lena Alsellawy says

    I have I pad

  30. Mariah Arrieta says

    Awwwww I feel bad 🙁

  31. Ariel Mora says

    Sorry about your dog

  32. Funny Kitty says

    It’s ok to be sad 😞 I’m sad to

  33. Evelyn Smith says

    Let’s just be grateful that she still makes us amazing videos even during the worst times she has

  34. Mignon Shelton says

    im so sorry for ur loss

  35. Sinny You says

    I LOVE UR VIDEO and my roblox name is sinny_ you123 :3 and i play royal high befor its fun XD

  36. Cheetaplay2 says

    No I meant my cat died sorry

  37. Cheetaplay2 says

    Oh my gosh I’m so sorry about your dog. I want to pet you want to it’s very sad

  38. Ana Sofia Nicolas Piña(Student) says

    hey hey hey hey. Sence their dog died, make sure to like and subscribe and put on those notifications. If u dont ill eat u in ur sleep >:3 and also subscribe to her sisters channel!!!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2jdFe6vHLk u will love it :3

  39. Cotten Candyrobloxgirl says

    Omg finally a mobile music video tips

  40. Jules H says

    Thank you so much for this video!!! I’ve seen other videos for laptops and using paid editing apps but I’ve been looking for a phone one! The iPad tip really helped as the quality on my phone is bad but know I know I should use My IPAdD !!!!

  41. By Anhely YT says

    I got a lil question. What app do you use to edit I'm trying to edit but the one i used didn't help me much

  42. Christina Tran says

    thx for telling us i love your vids :]

  43. daisyboppers says

    im sorry about ur dog :((( but take as long as you need!

  44. ItzMelly Gamez says

    Tysm for this video! <33

  45. Maybe rëëśë Assalone says

    my dog passed away a bit ago we love him and he was good and cute he was 15 that is pretty old almost 16 it was rly sad when he passed away we harried him in our back yard with are other dog that had cancer and she was 11 when that happened and she’s almost 13 I’m pretty sad but I will Remember them for ever bc I love them and they spent so much time with me when I was little slept with helped me walk when I was little and some times I ate there food I have millions of videos and I was locked out from the kitchen and my sisters stared at me I will love them for ever😘❤️🥰😢😔

  46. Nova Delano says


    Btw i hope you pin this 🙂

  47. Melonsz 🍈 🍉 says

    Omg she is simple, and likes the pretty stuff omg

  48. Ry Ry Playz says

    Awwwwwww I’m so sorry that your dog passed away 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  49. Angelina Trinidad says

    The intros my favorite song by the way I’m so sorry for your loss and I hope you stay happy and healthy

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