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Dolphin Blue [ドルフィンブルー] Game Sample – Arcade


Dolphin Blue is a fun and hectic arcade game on the Atomiswave platform that was released in Japan and select outlets overseas (in JAMMA kit form) in 2003. Developed by Sammy, the game takes place in the future where something has caused nearly all the dry land to sink into the ocean. Those that survived built new civilizations on the few remaining pieces of dry land and took advantage of all the underwater ruins and their resources to live life anew. In this world, which now took the name of “Aquadia”, the two main factions, the Royal Army and Evil Empire, square off for ultimate control of the land. The Royal Army, watced over by Princess Annette, is good, while the Evil Empire is, well, evil, and run by several baddies and ex-marines. You play as Erio, an Arms Dealer with a wild streak for adventure and Anne, an idealistic young woman fighting for the Royal Army, who are out to rescue Annette who has now been kidnapped for her knowledge of the “Blue Tear”.

The game is like Contra with a hint of Metal Slug. In the game, you go across land and sea fighting enemies with a variety of powerful weapons, cutting baddies at close range with your knives, and riding super-powered dolphins, and is a combination of typical side-scrolling action with horizontal shooter aspects. The game is executed fairly well and uses high-spirited music and merges it with a nice combination of 2D and 3D graphics, though the game is still a bit simple by Arcade standards. This is basic video showing the game in action.

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  1. spyro115 says

    whoa this is like megaman 8/legends and metal slug combined.

  2. Iftekhar Ahmed says

    I'd love Sega to re-release this game. It's one of the only few Sammy developed games.

  3. Xenopholus says

    What a couple of pros!

  4. Dreambrush Gaming says

    I'm in love.

  5. Chuuni Chewer says

    Wish this would get a re-release.

  6. Suika Ibuki says

    As someone who has actually played this game on the arcade, i can say it's a lot like Metal slug. It was infact made by some people who worked on Metal Slug. But this game has rocket dolphin's, so it wins.

  7. HaydenX says

    I love this game.  It's like if "Metal Slug 2" and "In The Hunt" had a beautiful child together.

  8. neckst gen wtr fisics 

  9. RodriTheMighty says

    Jewwario brought me here! 🙂

  10. maverick7 says

    vyse my man i realy love your videos showcasing awesome japanese games

  11. Vetuyasha says

    Why this hidden gem never came out for XBLA and PSN?

  12. Shaun Morgan says

    Dreamcast please would have been nice 😉

  13. Shaun Morgan says

    What a game 🙂

  14. FireLeo IV says

    +1 for the aspect ratio thing.

  15. Aleric says

    Pretty much metal slug with a faster pace

  16. Vysethedetermined2 says

    That sounds like a good idea. I'll try them out.

  17. stevethefishdotnet says

    Since this was an Atomiswave game, the natural home port choice would have been the Dreamcast. Alas, it never happened.

    Vyse, here's a tip: put the following in the tags section of your videos to display the proper aspect ratio:

  18. MeebleMeeble says

    I can't believe this was never released on a home console. It looks pretty cool, even if it is a Metal Slug rip-off.

  19. Clesarie says

    I assume you playing it on emulator or did you actually hook a atomiswave up via vga. This was my favorite game back when I actually owned my atomiwave. Better than metal slug 6. You should try out all the titles now that they're all emulated.

  20. dave4shmups says

    Nice job! I REALLY wish this game had gotten a home console port!!

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