Dolce&Gabbana Men’s Spring Summer 2020 #DGSicilianTropical Fashion Show

Return to the tropics and look at the Dolce&Gabbana Men’s Spring Summer 2020. Discover all the Fashion Show contents at #DGSicilianTropical #DGMenSS20 #DolceGabbana

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  2. Can't say that I like this new style development. D&G have traditionally been really good at incorporating feminine elements into male clothing, like lace, embroidery, and pearls. That looks good, and refined. These animal prints and tropical prints and sports-inspired looks are just… loud. And kind of vulgar, honestly. I also don't like the weird boxy/square shape they are going for in the shirts; these models have beautiful, slender bodies, and the clothes should make them look as good as possible, not hide them! Hopefully, this was just a weird little experiment, much like the weird experiment of having influencers walk down the runway a few years ago! It's good to see real models back, anyway.

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