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[Diamond S5] Orianna Mid – Live Game Commentary


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  1. HxH Killua says

    When diana was a good pick >.<

  2. Alexandru Ștefan Gârleanu says

    Leroy Jenkins xD

  3. Miss L says

    I really like your Ori video it's really helpful

  4. Miss L says

    I don't gank a losing lane as a jungler hahah

  5. Romeo says

    what are the runes and masteries?

  6. Harry Rathbone says

    how did u change ur loading stream

  7. Thetricératops78 says

    forellennlord 3K elo shockwaves

  8. Rhys Webster says

    Dude you should try ad attack speed devourer tf jungle its amazing 😀 its like my fav jungler atm

  9. Myles says

    By the way, during the sustain jungle meta Fiora's passive allows her to take scuttle and continue jungleing past her 1st 2 camps

  10. Tenshi Rōzu says

    This is somthing i always find funny. Whenever I look up Orianna game play 9 times out of 10 she is fighting Ahri. It's funny to me cause Orianna is my favorite champion and Ahri is my brother's favorite champion.

  11. zachery judd says

    Huzzy I really enjoyed your skip button that was amazing… it seriously made me happy lol and it was handy. good touch. You got a new sub (x

  12. No Luls Deep Meme says

    You said Hecarim should never die, but Rumble is one of his hardest matchups. I've seen him dumpster Rumbles, but it's not very common

  13. Tom Vandewalle says

    Man this is the first video I see on your youtube, But i already LOVE this system , i mean be able to click to skip champion select. I usually watch videos but you R the first to do that , smart idea ^^

  14. always home says

    Okay, ultimate challenge…
    Play azir

  15. G. Brady says

    Great video Huzzy. It's always enjoyable to watch you play League even though I don't play it too much anymore. You just make it entertaining and provide great tips on how to play the game and what to do in certain situations.

  16. Flynn Zeke says

    How is Hecarim good top? And why can't he die?

  17. StinkingFive10 says

    Fiora's w can't help her do drake since drake's auto now counts as a spell!!! That's why Panth can't solo anymore…

  18. Victor Carlsson says

    who do you recomend, gnar or maokai?

  19. Harry Borchers says

    Olaf! 😀

  20. Alex Cali says

    Hey huzzy it would be cool if you would play some lee sin or maybe some lux. thnka for the video

  21. dikson florencio says

    play akali top

  22. CacheTaFace says

    I'd really like to see your TF or some Ziggs gameplay from you, I feel like they're both sleeper strong picks for solo queue atm.

  23. Novalija Šabanović says

    When fiora ults u just zhonyas !!!

  24. HDN Chelzu says

    Play RENGO

  25. B A R A KA says

    Post more loses pls

  26. ItHurts WhenIP says

    I don't think Fiora's W can block the Dragon AA

  27. DuskEclipse10 says

    … at the end of the vid I was pressing tab to try and check the re-spawn timers >_<

  28. ImCredo says


  29. benji says

    i think a tf game would be awesome if u could upload that…. i'd also like to see lucian and leblanc if those champions sound interesting too you =D

  30. BeautifulSins says

    Correct me if i am wrong, but i do believe they changed Dragon's attack to act as a spell and therefore Fiora's W wont block it, the same goes for Pantheon's Passive. But you can block it with spell shields as Sivir's E.
    Think they did it to stop all the lvl 3 dragons in the begging, guess around 5.1 or 5.2 🙂

  31. Nicolas Medina says

    Hey huzzy, what do you use to record your videos?

  32. AnimosticShep says

    Huzz, can you put the final stats page in? Maybe discuss surprises like how the ham Trist had fewest deaths, sort of thing?

  33. RyaBus says

    inspector gadget theme song? 26:33

  34. illumi says

    so I guess people in diamond are stupid to good to know 🙂

  35. Artur Dąbrowski says

    do you think that this new ap item is worth to buy? Becose for me items like zionia or rabadon are more usefull

  36. Evexium says

    Huzzy which champions do you recommend the most Azir, Lissandra (She can top and mid probaly the game breaker) or Orrianna? Ive played all champions several times and enjoyed them alot! But which is better in the current meta?

  37. Nathanael Mancev says

    Great vid as always!

  38. Kristoffer Westerlund says

    it's funny how when he is trying to find tf, he keeps hovering arond teemo xD

  39. Jordan Kempson says


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