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*DEFAULT DANCE* Music Tunnel | Fortnite: Creative


Default Dance on Music Blocks
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CCruzFight demonstrates using tunnels to create a full beat with the help of music blocks in Fortnite: Creative!
What do you think? Should we make a song using this technique?? Comment below!

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  1. CCruzFight says

    You asked for it! Watch the TUTORIAL here: https://bit.ly/2SlusYP and create your very own DEFAULT DANCE tunnels! Thanks for watching guys! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more videos like this! <3

  2. Tino Feliciano says

    So bad

  3. XD Henrique says

    How tf did you connect the tunnel piece and the wall with hole piece

  4. Snipez says

    How do you get the tunnel?

  5. Tyler Mellor says

    The first

  6. Tyler Mellor says

    You will also be

  7. Tyler Mellor says

    Could you please make the original Fortnite theme music using the musical tiles

  8. Jxhmil says

    What’s the coee

  9. Detomize says

    Amazing, please do tutorial, show what letters are on the blocks

  10. KTTV says

    Tutorial ????

  11. Maximus_.z says


  12. Matthew Gonzales says

    Please make a tutorial

  13. Dubstep Fierce says

    0:33 when U get trolled

  14. SwitchGamer 10 says

    It's so close. The second part of where the hands go up and down. Right before that starts it needs like 1 note block to be perfect
    It messes with me so much.

  15. Súper Buddy says

    Like if you have the season 7 battle pass and comment what tier you are on.

  16. Momma Harris says

    Hi I am a small YouTubed in my other channel. Could you add my epic and help me with awesome vids?

  17. Deslexic says

    Where did u get the tunnel

  18. Lakshya Shastri says

    Please make a tutorial

  19. Slxcky- -Banned says


  20. youri vreman says

    Well okay then…

  21. Cladila-Chan says

    I Need the tutorial :"^[ or can u say the block notes?

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