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Day in the life of a D1 College Football Player! Ep.1


Watch “Day in the life ep.1” of “University of Texas Running Back” Kirk Johnson, in new series “Day in the life!” Enjoy & Thanks for watching. SUBSCRIBE for MORE!

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  1. Alper Kilci says

    Bruh u are literally living my dreams

  2. Josh Here says

    Can’t wait until I attend UT Austin Next year!!!!!

  3. Sir_HenAB 50 says

    One of the best locker rooms I’ve seen

  4. Daboiz World says

    abvously i don't play football for this but hell thats one hell of an add on

  5. prof cheesecake cheese says

    What's that nike rucksack called he is wearing

  6. prof cheesecake cheese says

    What's that nike rucksack called he is wearing

  7. robert junior says

    Zyzz would be proud of you bruh

  8. iam dg3 says

    Ur a linebacker Right

  9. jonathan meyer says

    Yeah college players get no money lol….these cars. gadgets, clothes, shoes etc are unreal.

  10. Arbiter457 says

    How does he have access to things other players don’t?

  11. Jay0nmarzz says

    that nick guy is in the nfl now

  12. Erik johnson says

    This guy didn't open a single book… thought this was college football?

  13. RobloxRobot says

    Bro you living the dream, we got all week of school all week practice, games on Friday, and 5:30 lifts on the weekend my life sucks

  14. Tadeáš Plaček says

    8:37 ugh

  15. Joey Howe says

    post more

  16. The Card collector says

    Those lockers and everything sick dawg

  17. The Card collector says

    Dang that’s a nice

  18. chef hiski says

    You got the hariest legs in the world bruh

  19. Campus Legends says

    Being a D1 athlete is lit!

  20. Eoin Hayes says

    This vid just made me dip my crib to the gym and I didn't even plan to hit it today. Thanks for the motivation brother keep up the hard work!.

  21. Colton Bradley says

    Boomer sooner.

  22. Demaj Bratton says


  23. AcatoHD says

    Can somebody tell me how old Collage people are? I‘m from Germany & i‘m very interested in ur school system 🙂

  24. utterbullspit says

    That locker room is AMAZING!!!

  25. Aalif says

    That’s not football that’s shot American football

  26. Sean Freeby says

    I've been looking into collage football programs and I have my mind set on texas

  27. KK's world ... says

    My brother knows you

  28. destiny guide says

    Bruh u are my favorite Longhorn Receiver, u stay positive and work on that Education and be that best u can be

  29. Aaron R says

    This dude is living life

  30. Santiago Barreto says

    This isn't football

  31. J.P. Fitzgerald says


  32. Provis says

    ep 2 ?

  33. Charles says

    My dude Davion getting that extra work.. should have gave him an opportunity to shine..

  34. Liam O'Hara says

    Too bad Texas sucks

  35. Prodigy says

    Bro i want all that shit too xd

  36. Alex Li says

    I'm an Aggie fan but I love your dedication to football.

  37. Patrick Leabo says

    Fine tuned to a 0-2 start 2018 lol

  38. Loggy says

    Dis is my brother i love you man keep doing good -luketucky

  39. Imblox says

    Aye man, what are you studying in school and how do you manage your time between football training, the books, and social life?

  40. Demaj Bratton says

    I want to be just like you ,?????

  41. TJ Scannell says

    Where did you get that hoodie

  42. Gianni Magdalen says

    My goal is to make it to college football

  43. isaias zamudio says

    Keep up the work big dawg!!

  44. Calistro Llamas says

    Texas facilities looking so nice!! Damn?

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