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Day in the Life of a College Soccer Player (Drury University)


Alright Boys and Girls!
In this video I will take you with me through my day as a college soccer player at NCAA D2 Drury University. I will show you everything from the food I eat to the training session and treatment I get. I’d greatly appreciate it if you could share this video as much as possible.

Comment down below what you want to see next!


The equipment and software I use.

Cannon Powershot SX510 HS

OnReal Action Camera

HitFilm 4 Express

Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod

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  1. SCCR 7HD says

    Myann want this type of facility
    But I'm in india so no hope
    But if anyone can please anyone tell me

  2. av27962 says

    Video popped up on my recommendations great vid! Ben Taylor was my first year coach at my JUCO at ICCC! (Great guy!) Awesome seeing Drury pop up on my timeline best of luck mate!

  3. Markitoh says

    First time I watched your video, dope af!Keep grinding

  4. Emerson Benitez says

    I wish this could be the way my life is when I go to college

  5. Joshua Hernandez says

    When you go to school to be a professional soccer player

  6. Ricardo Toro says

    Ojala en Chile fuera así wn sdsjjsjsjjjdjdjddj

  7. ZlockOnMobile says

    How do you get scouted after that

  8. lenino h says


  9. Spyros Skl says

    If I don’t get a scholarship can I still make it on a college team, like do they still have tryouts ? And is it hard ?

  10. Vuk Urosevic says

    He is from UK and calls it soccer ffs

  11. Will Pizza man says

    Your my favorite soccer youtuber

  12. Patrick Barry says

    You’re amazing ❤️

  13. Tom Zilver says

    I would gladly get up at 5 for a day like this

  14. Tom Zilver says

    Get this man a bowl please

  15. F Trotta says

    Cool to see that u guys drink açai vitamine in the U.S/Europe as well!
    Your video was awesome, hi from Brazil!

  16. Mudla91 says

    Treatment, treatment. People talking about working hard but this is "Soccer" for bitches.

  17. Jusuf rrilla says

    What is the name of this game bro 6:34

  18. Ella Victoria Jones says

    im 15, and im a girl but i really want to play football in america, i want to know how you did it

  19. SCCR 7HD says

    Please make a video on your intro's edit

  20. Jonas Vetter says

    I just wanna play football again…

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