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Day 2 Highlights | Stunning Holder Takes Best Ever 6-42 | England v West Indies 1st Test 2020


Watch highlights from Day 2 at Southampton as England took on West Indies in the First Test of the 2020 series.

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    Imagine If there was no review system ????

  2. HNo3 says

    Richard was such a good Ump before…what happened to him? :

  3. SAHIB says

    Umpires efected by covid

  4. muntzar hussain says

    Thankss frm Lahore Pakistan

  5. Mithlesh yadav says

    Are they international umpires?

  6. aaditya J says

    Jason holder is unsung hero of WI cricket that is captaining the WI cricket ship in stormy conditions of board disputes, underpaying organization, little support from other teammates since last 2 years. He is calm, quiet and determined even if conditions are non favourable.

  7. Fa Q says

    Worst umpires i have ever seen. Camphell and west indies lost the last review due to the umpire as they lost credibility of the umpire's decisions. 5 wrong decisions, thats just utter nonsense

  8. kumar kumar says

    Stupid umparing

  9. M. IBRAHIM says

    England is just an corrupted team, they fix all of their matches by feeding the umpires with their money. They fixed the world cup final in 2019, then they fixed a test match against Australia in ashes 2019. And here they are trying to do the same. I hate England cricket team.

  10. Osman Editz says

    Very bad bad bad umpire

  11. Saurav Jado says

    Sale bik gaye sab umpires

  12. Rafael Amin says

    terrible umpiring!!!!!

  13. yogesh gajjar says

    What a umpire???????

  14. Aditya Bhandari says

    What is happening here? Do we need a black umpire as well?

  15. Jokers Infinity says

    Be safe and play.

  16. Suriya Annadurai says

    Holder is best captain in West Indies

  18. Tayyaba Aijaz says

    Clearly biased umpiring in 2020

  19. crazy monkey vids says

    Richard makes a right decision

    The fans : give him the Nobel prize


    England opening bowling 2 umpire??????????

  21. Bhaskar M Kumar says

    Umpire is with England

  22. bocoy noiu says

    West Indies: “We have Holder" England: “We have Umpire" ?? Just imaging that if there is no DRS in the match.

  23. Meron Bailey says

    Love the camera work excilent

  24. Meron Bailey says

    Love the camera work excilent


    Fun Fact: ICC permitted England to play with 13 players as the home advantage in the pandemic.

  26. Shailender Dagar says

    "Black wickets also matter". Partiality at its peak.

  27. fambruh danish ka sabse bada fan says

    Campbell – hahaha thank you drs
    Drs – har baar nhi bachaunga

  28. Muhammad Ansar K.S says

    Umpires ?

  29. kunal ganotra says

    It seriously felt like that the referees had an agenda against the Windies

  30. vbddfy euuyt says

    Westindies innings = NOTOUT England innings = OUT SALUTE TO UMPIRES ??

  31. Dhruv Sharma says

    3rd Umpire: Richard you really need to change your decision of being an Umpire Its on the big screen

  32. thiagarajan kutti says

    Two umpires super talent

  33. RKMTR says

    Poor umpires.. hope they retire

  34. Raju Pal says

    Umpiring ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️???

  35. Patan Zaheer says

    Nice bowling vindes

  36. Nikhil Vartak says

    Over 36.4 Ben Stoke 4 Run Classical State Drive Short

  37. Anjali Creations says

    Support me ????

  38. Mahir Asef says

    Richards needed some charge while they were umpiring I guess

  39. Lt. Aldo Raine says

    If review existed when Sachin Tendulkar played I bet he'd have scored 100 Test Centuries. Piss poor umpiring in recent times, Jesus take a umpiring refresher course again.

  40. Faisal Khan says

    Very poor Umpiring!! #5 Decisions

  41. Abdulla Rawaha says

    One sided empiring ridiculous decisions favouring England to win the match

  42. Mahi Raza says

    umpires should be fined for their lame decision..even an ameture person who knows little about cricket would tell Anderson's appeals were useless..still umpire chose to favour him…after wc19 rules for umpires should hv been made.

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