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  1. Davontae Wells says


  2. Stevie Sugano says

    Where in the world is Dave Hackle? Brilliant Creator & Writer. The world needs more Dave Hackles.

  3. Александър Данаилов says

    It's Becker!

  4. stabbytastic says

    It hear the logo is omitted.

  5. mirrion says

    Taken from "Becker."

  6. the intimate brian caderao says

    These logos were also seen on original CBS airings of Seasons 5 & 6 of "Becker".

  7. Pyro Wicked says


  8. Pyro Wicked says

    today that logo replaces the 2003 logo

  9. Pyro Wicked says

    paramount logo plasters 1989 theme

  10. Pyro Wicked says

    not from how i met your mother its taken from becke

  11. C.J. CLUESS says


  12. Darnell Johnson says

    I think Becker was also on our local CW here in Cleveland.

  13. itsonlyjohn_ says

    I'm glad Paramount Television is returning to television next year maybe 🙂

  14. LogoAttitude says

    Frasier is of course a spinoff of Cheers, which, like Becker, starred Ted Danson

  15. GDelva2003 says

    This is not from "Frasier". This is From "Becker". I used to watch "Becker" alot while I was in the Dominican Republic and hear that electric Guitar in the end of each episode I watched.

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