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Dan Levy's Personal Relationship With Tina Turner's "The Best" | Entertainment Weekly


Dan Levy gives a behind the scenes look at the times Tina Turner’s “The Best” has showed up on Schitt’s Creek.
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Dan Levy’s Personal Relationship With Tina Turner’s “The Best” | Entertainment Weekly

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  1. suzawilo says

    So happy this show brought new fans for Tina Turner's music❤️

  2. Finn Wilkinson says

    just the beginning makes me remember how much they failed ff15. The game's story had sooooooOOO much potential!

  3. Jon Q says

    two of the most memorable scenes of the show by far

  4. Soni Dragon says

    Maybe it’s just me, but Dan in a “normal” suit looks weird to me. WHERE’S THE PINK?!

  5. Brenda Kerber says

    Catherine O'Hara is truly one of the best comic actresses ever. The split second where she puts her hand on David's arm says soooo much. And I love the part before that where she offers to pull the fire alarm for him. It is 100% support and it is exactly the way Moira would do it. I also love when Alexis is singing her song and Moira gives Joselyn a few subtle small kick under the table – you can see it without her needing to say it 'this is bad and it needs to stop but I can't tell her – you do it'.

  6. Michaela Belle says

    I adore this show ??

  7. u.n. owen says


  8. Jeff Freeman says

    That scene for me, as a gay man who has battled homophobia for three decades, was SIMPLY THE BEST.

  9. Manessah Garcia says

    I want to listen to this interview so bad, but the background music is a nightmare. WHY?!?!

  10. Joanie C says

    Fun fact – "The Best" was recorded and released by Bonnie Tyler first but her version wasn't a hit. Tina recorded and released her version about a year later and it was the huge success we all know and love. ?

  11. Renee Zimmer says

    David is delicious! A gentle strength!

  12. Daniel Levy says

    Saw a "leg" pic on Instagram of Dan…?

  13. bingbongboop says

    The lip sync scene was touching because its beautiful to see someone be so vulnerable – I didnt sob though.

  14. Jamie Gilbert says

    Best show in tv history!!

  15. Deborah Murray says

    Dan, to say that I love the scene where your character, David gives an “ olive branch” by lip syncing the words to “Simply The Best” would be an understatement. I cried and it gave me the chills knowing that your character was laying himself bare to get back the man he loves. The rawness of that emotion and the beauty of the words was just too much for my emotions to take…Brava!

  16. Michelle Kay says

    Why the need to dub shitty music over the interview????

  17. Louise Slack says

    Olive Branch is my favorite episode. Such a moving and sexy performance by Daniel Levy.

  18. Margaret Baker says

    My absolute favorite moments in the show!!

  19. Pat Woods says

    Olive branch is my favorite scene.. I play it over and over because it is sexy, touching and lifts me up. Thank you.

  20. mrjcar03 says

    "watch an episode of Downtown Abby, say goodnight to your dog and tuck myself into bed" yuuuup, that's me every night

  21. Paul Ho says

    What interview? I was waiting for the drop on that sick 8 minute track.

  22. Priscilla Chapman says

    You could listen to Dan talk forever. He is so attractive and intelligent and truly nice.

  23. Sarah Tensile says

    Could realllllly do without the background "music" which is really damn distracting. This was such a key part of the series and the growth of the characters. I would give a lot to be able to turn that poppy crap off.

  24. Lourdes Aguirre says

    I am in love with Schitt's! I teared up when you did your intention, your rawness and borderline "innocence" came through but when Patrick raises his arms, I lost it! Your talent created a pure feeling of love, it wasn't humor! Good luck with your future and give us more!

  25. Dana Micks says

    I absolutely HATED that scene!

  26. mysto says

    I don't know what it is about this guy, but I find him so attractive.

  27. Jill Salkin says

    Whoever puts these videos together, they're great to see. PLEASE do not use the background "music." Completely unnecessary and distracting.

  28. Adriana Chavarria says

    Cry like a baby everytime i see that scene. Cry everytime i hear that song. Never really heard the lyrics until i heard it in the show. Love, love, love David and Patrick's story.

  29. Jake Campbell says

    Edit your music to be quieter than the person being interviewed please!! Kinda ridiculous

  30. Kevin G Conroy says

    I must be dead inside I giggled not cried

  31. Alison Shouse says

    but can we get a full version of the song by Noah Reid (patrick) ???

  32. Micha Will says

    Great interview. Lose the awful background music though

  33. Passive Agressive says

    Dan and Eugene Levy have such beautiful souls. What a lovely relationship they have as father and son, so much that they love working with each other? Bless them

  34. Passive Agressive says

    I love this interview BUT the crappy background music is really off putting. PLEASE STOP!!!!!

  35. Sparkling Silver Curls says

    Just finished watching the Olive Branch episode for the first time, and I'm absolutely bawling my eyes out!! It was the most romantic scene I've ever seen on a tv show or movie. Patrick's serenade was incredibly brilliant, I got choked up and felt so happy for David, but the Olive Branch scene was next level. Thank you to the Levys for making this show!!

  36. abadira says

    "This is both very sweet and so dark"

  37. BeanFromPA says

    I love this show. And this was one of my favorite moments. Along with Alexis’s lock & key speech. Oh and A little bit Alexis is so good too. ?

  38. Breah Saldana says

    It was very emotional …very touching scene ..cry every time!!

  39. Maros Kocan says

    whoever was editing this video should find different hobby….. Yes I am talking about that annoying music

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