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Cristiano Ronaldo's Girlfriend VS Lionel Messi's Girlfriend – 2017


Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez and Lionel Messi’s Girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo – 2017

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  1. STARS NEWS says
  2. Asilbek Ahmadjonov says


  3. shambhavi Mishra says

    Ronaldo and Georgia are the best couples??

  4. Benjir Hossain says


  5. Single Boy says

    Messi girlfriend is hot and sexy

  6. Noval V says

    Antonella natural

  7. Anything Okey says

    Just a fun facts

    Georgina is a model ,who try to be sexy and work on her body

    While Messi wife is a natural beauty ,he might also work on her body ,beauty and all but she is not a model so she doesn't have to try hard while Georgina would have to work very hard on her looks

    I prefer a natural / being real girl than a model
    So for me Messi wife is better

  8. Romanus Rilex says


  9. Pohar Patar says

    Both are equal

  10. anju Challam says


  11. Khamtishisha Kharshiing says

    The girlfriend of ronaldo is beautiful


    Say messi wife not a girl friend what he's messi girlfriend

  13. Shibly Shadik says

    abhe sale tu to google se sari photo nikal liye

  14. Subash Khadka says

    Both of them are damn hot cos they are other's wife

  15. La india Maria says


  16. يمني متمرد says

    Messi girlfriend she is calm and so hot

  17. aarold m.o.b. says

    Georgina got the cake? she my choice bruh.

  18. عاشقة الرسم MARENA says


  19. STEVEN MUTUTU says

    only messi and ronaldo know ……who is better

  20. Aisha Mohammud says

    The girlfriend of messi is so beautiful

  21. alwoosh alhaneen says
  22. simret s says

    Messie wife ❤

  23. Thadayoose Joseph says

    Shee only neymar fans

  24. Omey Khan says


  25. Ion Marian says

    Nada eléctricos de antenas clandestinas …solo eiias …eiios para que …borrados..adios

  26. Maman Niaman says

    according to me ronaldo girlfriend is more beautiful because ronaldo is my favourite football players

  27. Eduardo Barrioa says

    Antonella una delicia d mujer!? Recorrí medio video para no ver la mierda ronalda y su fea mujer??Messi y Antonella ni compararlos, sencillos, humildes y enamorados, simple, son verdaderos!!

  28. Virgenita Yamada says


  29. Sreerag Cr7 says

    Cr7 and georgina

  30. OozKaper says

    roses are red violets are blue this was not in recommended you search for it too

  31. marianto a3s says

    kalau mata teliti ya gantengan messi dari ronaldo

  32. Gilbert Theolucio says

    Antonela is beutiful

  33. Gilbert Theolucio says

    Georgina is beutiful

  34. katy them says

    CR7 girlfriend is the best ❣️❣️❣️❣️

  35. Nathaniel Shadap says

    Stop comparing,, start living!! Life is beautiful and each are unique .

  36. Mridul Moral says


  37. Wolf Forlife says

    I want a family like leo…looks happy and natural

  38. Forhadur Rahman Chy says

    Lionel Messi and his girlfriend are the cutest and most beautiful Messi on and off the field

  39. Carol KCS says

    messi the #1 because he has one gf and also his childhood lover but ronaldo has alot of gf

  40. Qaali Ahmed says

    The gf of messi more beauty and he have only one gf

  41. مدريدي وافتخر says

    اكيد جورجينا مرت رونالدو بتجنن ??? ما احلاكي ?? لعيون الشكل الجمال الجسم احبكي

  42. Irina M says

    OMG, the way Messi looks at his butyfull wife???

  43. Pramod Das says

    Cristiano's girlfriend

  44. Alisha Marrie says

    Antonella is the best. Messi and anto is made for each other???????

  45. El Jefe says

    Je prefer Antonella

  46. KIMARK Delgado Gafah says

    I like RONALDO?but i really Love MESSI????

  47. Oscar Odhiambo says

    Antonella and Messi are cute together

  48. Best Riddle TV says

    Georgina have too much attitude. But in the front of Antonella she is nothing. Because Antonella is so sweet her smile is cute.

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