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Cricketers whose Career got ended for Internal Cricket Politics


Players whose Career got ended for Internal Cricket Politics

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  1. Ayan Official says


  2. aryan gaming says


  3. Abek KC says


  4. Prash gamers says

    Thek hai

  5. Kaustav Dhara says

    Sourav Ganguly also caught in politics in 2007 world Cup selection

  6. Jayesh patel jayesh patel says

    The politics is not enter in Cricket

  7. Magic Art says

    No politics only game

  8. Avijit Goswami says

    দাদা তুমি বাঙ্গালী ????আমিও বাঙ্গালী

  9. Saurav Chakraverty says

    Gambhir is the phenomenal capatain he explained every one how to run the team and select the 11 by winning not once but twice the IPL and make kkR a legend team in ipl history too

  10. Subarna Bhattacharyya says

    No politics

  11. Saurav Chakraverty says

    You are right what is happens with gambhir was very dis appointment but ever one who's is the finalist player in history of indian cricket who win the india team the world cup NOT once BUT TWICE

  12. Rohit Sharma says

    Plz make a video on how cricketer get sallery

  13. Neralla VSR Krishna says


  14. Pankaj Kumar says


  15. purvesh Khedekar says

    Yuvraj Singh ?

  16. Noocs T says

    Politics! What the shit ;

  17. Rajkrishna Chowdhury says

    Why are forgetting Sourav Ganguly , Yuvraj Singh , Suresh Raina ??

  18. mr x gamer says

    The photos are tribute to ssr

  19. cricket with aditya 357 says


  20. A S says

    Yeh toh ham sabh chahte hai ki cricket mein politics na hoy par hamlog kya kare sab kuch unlog ke hatho mein hye , humlog ordinary citizen kuch nehi kar sakte hay ei sab baas paiso ke khel hya , hopefully cricket politics will end in future .

  21. Shubham Malhotra says

    Sir other state se khelne k liye kya process rehta hai detail me btaiye

  22. TL MIHIR says

    why politics is required in cricket cricket is a game who played for in who played for fun and other thing but cricket mein why required a politics what can someone the cricket mein politics ka kya hai kyon cricket mein politics jaruri hai hata do na politics ko kisi ki vajah se to sare Koi khel nahi Pa raha hai garib se garib baccha cricket score agar politics remove nahin kar sakte to cricket Nadu India

  23. Abhinandan Das Modak says

    Gautam Gambhir ke case mein sahi hua kyuki, In Every Profession ur Attitude Matters!!

  24. TULIKA DEB says

    Why pace bowler is called seam bowler

  25. vijay Sharma says

    I agree with you this politics is wrong

  26. Everytime Harish says

    Yuvraj singh missed

  27. NREGS WB cell Bankura says

    Where you live ST in west Bengal

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