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Cricket, we've missed you!


International cricket is back after a long, four-month break.

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  1. BaD BoY says

    ICC = Indian Cricket Council

  2. Alap sunil says

    Super video

  3. Gamefection says

    They fogot to welcome the match fixers, so welcome.

  4. Pranjal Raj says

    Cricket is not just a game, it is our emotion

  5. Smita Ghosh says


  6. status lover says

    Some people are ready to sacrifice everything in her life to play cricket it is just not a game it is emotion

  7. status lover says

    Cricket is just not a game it is life of some people

  8. status lover says

    Cricket is a more important than her life for some people

  9. zahed abdulrehman gol says

    Cwc 2019 Pakistan

  10. falguni prajapati says

    NZ is real winner

  11. falguni prajapati says

    Eng is poor

  12. Shikha Bhatia says


  13. Fatima Syed says

    Carlos bratwaith! remember the name

  14. mayur kumbhare says

    stokes and virat thats all

  15. Potato Head says

    U19 wc best Moment

  16. Anu Ahirwar says

    I sincerely want ICC to mention the music links on their description box

  17. Manav Parekh says

    I celebrate cricket as my religion

  18. Allen Mathew says

    I've not seen a worthy cricket computer game after Cricket 2007… Please give as a cricket 2020 that beats all expectations… We are long overdue for that..

  19. Akhil Darelli says

    Yeah we missed alot

  20. tech bros official says

    50% ben stokes

  21. Toxic XD Gamer says

    Cricket is feeling

  22. Ritwik Ghosh says

    Only true cricket fans will realize the emotion behind this video…

  23. Tariqul Islam says

    That is original icc cricket channel

  24. Anshu Pandey says

    Whenever i want to feel motivated i close my eyes and hear the words in this video??the art of victory lies in faliure

  25. HTC says

    Mujhe miticheal stark ki u r pasand h

  26. pankaj soni says

    Corona pls pls stop pls forgive us god?????????????????????????????

  27. Satya Prakash Mishra says

    You can't do that #Ben_stoke..
    Remember the name #Carlos_Brathwaite
    Miss you all legends….
    Missing #cricket

  28. krishna veni says

    Love you cricket

  29. Thirumalai balaji says

    0.59 that was my heart breaking moment…..

  30. Dir Ifty says

    I love Bangladesh

  31. Sahil khosla says

    Ben Stokes is legend

  32. Shadman Hasan Munim-8010 says

    Cricket is not only a game but also an emotion?

  33. Chetan Sharma says

    Brendan China from Nepal

  34. ਆਖਰੀ ਤਰਕ says


  35. Abrajpoot yt says

    Love baber
    Visit my channel..
    net batting and give your Opinion

  36. Saurav Negi says

    Cricket is not just a game it's an emotion ❤❤❤❤❤❤?????? !!

  37. abdul munaf says

    Where is Ben stokes innings in headingley Leeds test

  38. NP Updates says


  39. Mr. Somesh says

    Probably I see in Ben Stokes the greatest all rounder ,sorry to say but he looks even better than Jacques Kallis.

  40. Arshad ASR says

    Cricket is my life……

  41. Anurag Shukla says

    This video is all about the rise of ben stokes #era of cricket =ben stokes#getting 6 in 2016 to hitting 6 in 2019#remember the name BEN STOKES

  42. SL MANI says

    Yeah SL will come back stronger than ever…. Just wait and see….

  43. Rahul Pathak says

    ICC…ummm…Virat Kohli is not the only player in the Indian cricket team. Seems you can't see beyond him in the video.

  44. J.S.DWARAKA 0531 says

    The emotion will never change?

  45. Jacky Naik says

    I am the only one Who is angry …to not see Rohit "Hitman" Sharma here …..I mean seriously …..R u kidding ….?

  46. Saikiran Chilakapati says

    No Kane in the video.

  47. Vinayak Enterprise says

    Apne desh vale kuch jyada hi Ben stock Ben stock kar rahe hai !! Matlab apne player ki respect bhi na karo aur bahar vale ko sar par chadhao

  48. Fahim's video corner says

    More sports video come to my channel #fahimsvideocorner

  49. Dr saikat Bala says

    A crunching test series after the lockdown please..a warm day with beer and watching Ben stokes bat in the white shirt uff..

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