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Cricket Classics


Zaheer Abbass vs Australia 1981 WSC.

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  1. khabib normagomedov says

    Zaheer abbas and hashim amla bating style same

  2. salman ahmed says

    ref to one of imran khan's interview: "God has created one-day cricket for zaheer abbas n zaheer abbas for oneday cricket"…no doubt he was a class, one of british newspapers wrote his batting style as " poetry wid bat"..

  3. ludocrat says

    That's quite an attack the Aussies had there (Lillee, Thompson (still psycho-fast), Lawson, Alderman). Makes you realise how good Zaheer Abbass really was. Classical, fluent batsman – wonderful to watch on his day.

  4. Asad Siddiqi says

    Zaheer Abbas's batting style reminds me of brian lara.

  5. zibtihaj says

    that was a quick thommo ball

  6. Blairomatic says

    Lillee is playing in this game.

  7. Arbiter72 says

    This game I remember was held late in 1981. The game was to be a day-nighter but due to strikes in the power industry had to be moved to a day game. This match was one of the games that Lillee missed due to his confrontation with Javed Miandad in the Perth Test.Pakistan won the match comfortably, but did not make the finals. WI won the finals against Australia 3-1.

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