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  1. riceballiNNN says

    Lmaoo just seeing this video now the crickets are REALLLL😂😂

  2. Raptor Gamer000 says

    Is it just me or Reyna looking like boruto lol

  3. Altrix_Mygo says

    aceu: Im going to kill that cricket
    Cricket: Damn, even tho i was just trying to get his attention he finna rock my shit

  4. Emmanuel Uzodike says

    5:12 you know brim had a phantom and he was mad after getting the one headshot no kill lmao. ik the feels

  5. BlackLotus says

    How fast is the mouse?

  6. shashwat trivedi says

    very well edited. Loved it!!!

  7. EdwardLZ says

    can anyone tell me his crosshair

  8. vanish cream says

    This intro kills my ears

  9. Victory Rapudi says

    Yo ace why u stop playing apex? U were like one of my fave apex players back in the day??😖😭

  10. Anton1200 Shel says

    You are the Best Player in the World

  11. Aaron Tan says

    Why u never play apex anymore aceu i miss u playing apex 😭

  12. Soaraz says

    its sad that he wont go pro but I understand streaming is way better. I would love to see him body people on tournaments

  13. Lukasz Slabonski says

    I'm apex legends fun i miss U buddy!

  14. SiKekalongan Video says

    Hey aceu, i know its youuu, we play spike rush together..my id is ManukTuai..and i send friend rq already..hope u acc it!

  15. guy brick says

    how u always playing against perez

  16. Corbin Parker says

    Aceu can you make a video about Valorant tips.:)

  17. Quang Dũng Đinh says

    Aww :3

  18. Chase Weber says

    bro who is this hazed guy he's a radiant in a bunch of youtube videos

  19. PreacherSage says

    Come back to Apex

  20. 102 eustess says

    Is Aceu a part of any team for VAL? I don't see any vids of him competing.

  21. Space Goat says

    dude i know u are a bomb at every game but plz play more apex

  22. Cryses EU says

    The apex community misses you 🙁

  23. Hiro . says

    You are the best of apex and valorant. The BEST

  24. faveya says

    Does someone know if he still uses the Benq XL2540 or the LG 27GN750-B which is in his twitch bot?

  25. vandnimreven says

    back to Apex 🙁

  26. DsYRkay_ says

    Stop posting valorant its killing your likes

  27. Kasmir Makhdansalaf says
  28. Ryan says

    jett guide inc? 😮

  29. Crasher Walls says

    1:33 Aim lucked

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