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Finally my manager has done something and has sorted out some new offers for us. All that’s left to decide is where are we going?

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  1. Luke The Leg says


  2. Tushar 008 says

    How u said out!! Out!! Out!! was funny 😂😂

  3. John Price says

    Your amazing

  4. JoshMB says

    Can someone tell me how to get the updated county teams for career mode ty x

  5. Mr Onions says

    Sicko mode

  6. Mr Onions says

    Golden Duck

  7. Sam Oleary says

    Ugh. Dean went for the Welshy bastards

  8. James Collins Is better than messi says

    I got selected for england plus should have signed for middlesex

  9. CricAkash says

    Your bowling sucks

  10. S Joseph says

    How did you download the England county teams?

  11. Thomas Melvin says

    Come on the tigers!!🐯
    Also I haven't seen anyone say FIRST so far

  12. Brayden Tape says

    Can you download cricket 19 on a laptop for free

  13. Oliver Cavendish says

    You pumped for AFL grand final?

  14. John Barr says

    Comment from an Englishman but…all those overrated county sides are cracking me up

  15. Sid Iyer says

    Could've sworn you played with glamorgan in your last career save

  16. Patricia Goss says

    Nice won

  17. Nani Santana Cricket says

    Do they have the world test championships in career mode?

    I know they have world cup and T20 world cup.. did they add the test championships?

  18. Buddy Retriever Believer says

    Labuschange also plays for Kent.

  19. Ben Proudfoot says

    Alex Carey plays for sussex

  20. Ryan Lillistone says

    I've been watching your entire career mode and this is the first video I can watch the day it comes out

  21. Daniel Scali says

    WA V VIC Marsh one day cup on at 15:30 ACST

  22. AussieJ Gamer says

    I Just realised that you just got your first wicket in T20!
    Well done Dean!

  23. Brayden Tape says

    Up Richmond

  24. Riley White says

    Didn’t you play for Glamorgan in ashes 17??

  25. Brayden Tape says

    Hey Twistie, can you play cricket 19 on a laptop by using keyboard

  26. Aayush Ganguly says

    Great video bro
    Keep it up
    Love your videos
    Can you make a wicket keeper career mode.

  27. William Rodwell says


  28. Darren Barrow says

    I'm actually doing career because of you

  29. sourav kumar says

    Keep it up Dude ☺👍

  30. Khateer Ahmed says

    Watching first time your video Laughing cayote affan shah

  31. Harpers Figure Hauls says

    i've been subbed since you were born

  32. Matthew Larcombe says

    Nice vid Dean, Are you going to gf

  33. mchibs62 says

    I guess that’s me awake for another 15 mins it’s 3:20 rn

  34. LED Aviation says

    Love your vids

  35. Evan Bro’s says

    I love this game

  36. Xavier Rowley says

    No views 2 likes. Niiice Gary
    Thanks so much for the heart twistie

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