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Here’s my full race run down the crazy urban MTB downhill track in Medellin, Colombia! I love these urban mountain bike races because it is so sick to race through the streets in front of all the screaming locals! The city of Medellin was amazing and I was so happy to have been invited there. After the race there was a best trick event on the lower jumps, this video will be out soon! I was racing on my HAIBIKE downhill, non ebike!

Shot on GoPro HERO 7 BLACK!

I hope you enjoy!




Welcome to my channel, I’m a professional Freeride Mountain biker and former FMB world champion(2013).

This channel is all about Mountain biking, I make a huge variety of videos for everyone who loves dirt: From downhill biking to slower paced trials riding and everything in between like dirt jumping, slopestyle and enduro!

As well as making entertaining videos(I hope) I also like to help YOU out too, with videos such as:
– How to ride better
– Trick tips and How to’s
– Travel VLOGS
– GoPro camera tips
– In-depth entertaining features
– POV craziness
– Funny videos

I also try to reply to everyone so leave some comments too!

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  1. Marc Santos says


  2. Secretary Bridgewater says

    was that sketch

  3. Zaid Qureshi says

    At the end you can only see his shadow. I thought he was gonna crash but then I realized.

  4. Ian Barcellos says

    All the non sam pilgrim fans are talking about his teeth lol

  5. Kev Hutton says


  6. Chí Thiện Phan says

    Có ông nào Việt Nam mê xe đạp vô đây coi khoonggggggg?

  7. Dilma Rousseff says

    look like the Favelas here in Bazil

  8. John Medley says

    Have you ever done a course blind,??, I mean, without pre ride, or even pre walk.

  9. CarroTsForeveR BruH says




    This how my grandfather go to

  11. nickacelvn says


  12. THE PRO SENDER says

    well done sam ive just stared filming with my gopro i do mtb im real good to and also to the skkyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Rully saputra says


  14. tea and biscuits says

    Like an article of the bikes in detail.

  15. Eshaan Badhan says

    This dude every 3 second youeeee

  16. Kori Redford says

    The backflip tho

  17. BAPE Cartz says

    Real life trials rising

  18. WLD1_BooZe says

    no one gonna y’all about the escalator……..

  19. Donna Adams says

    Wow how on earth do you do that , it looks so frightening well done you fit guy?

  20. THOKUO NYUWI says

    My arse were clutching together the whole time

  21. Gustavo Manuel Bonilla Gonzalez says

    Jaja todos hablandole en español

  22. Eli bookoff says


  23. Daniel Sánchez Fernández says

    Me parece que hay unas pocas de escaleras en la ciudad xD

  24. jonny enchanto wongs says


  25. Chris. D says

    Next time can you please stfu? Had to turn it off

  26. Andrew Ochavillo says

    I wouldn't go home drunk or high if I lived in this place.

  27. Andres Camilo Agudelo says

    I love Medellín!!!!

  28. Palak Chaturvedi says

    Is he drunken or what ? Like amazing bro????

  29. Asif Kaleem says


  30. Tyler Durden says

    I was thinking if he doesn’t do a backflip I’m gonna skitz then on his last jump he just does a mad as back flip good on ya mate!

  31. Ronin Katana says

    If you closed ur mouth it would be a lot better..

  32. Saiyanbtw says

    Him on the stairs part: whoo Me who’s just watching: haaaah don’t do that pls it makes me scared

  33. Katecheza says

    hello everyone to day is a day

  34. M79 EINERPRO says

    Colombia ja yo vivo acá

  35. Earl Sweat says

    The community layout is like a video game

  36. MURAT GÜRKAN says

    very nice

  37. Mapeki Pautu says


  38. Pandu ranga says

    You have

  39. noname says

    if he made the wrong turn i think he would of been injured or D E A D

  40. noname says


    me in gta 5:

  41. Fortnite YouTuber says

    I love the Video???

  42. AR Sugar : let’s get through this together says

    sam: doesn't start with "today's gonna be EPIC"

    everyone: the apocalypse is here

  43. jose_quase um Ninja says

    alguem ai tbm percebeu que e no brasil?
    (eu percebi pela favela q apareceu e depois fui v c tinha voz br)

  44. Dmitry Ivanov says

    sick)) m/

  45. James Caylor says

    Thats crazy good ? ??

  46. Pauliooo says

    God bless

  47. -RandomBoi- says

    Him: does backflip on his bike
    Me: i cant even ride a bike for 0.5 seconds-

  48. FreezedFriedChicken 124 says

    What country is this

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