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Craziest Weather In Football


Craziest weather in football history

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  1. Joseph McCoy says

    The Quagmire impression was freaking amazing! Lmao

  2. EmptySoccerKing110 says

    Nothing better than getting soaked trying to watch the panthers eagles game. Getting a cup pouring all the water onto the field like an idiot. But yeah perfect game (lol)

  3. Joey007ist says

    6:22 oh baby.

  4. Michael Cap says

    Don't forget the Snow Bowl, Ohio State vs Michigan 11/26/1950.

  5. Young King [FPS Gaming] says

    Loses his footing and GIGGITY GIGGITY!

  6. Richard Morey says

    This is a terrible video, half of it doesn't have sound.

  7. Robbie Buchanan says

    ikr allen

  8. Michael Hickey says


  9. Black Goose says

    You forgot the college football game just this last season that was played in the Hurricane! Looked just like that Mud game

  10. The Dark One784 says

    Why isn't the Steelers vs. Dolphins game on this list?

  11. Allison Berkowitz Read says

    Josh cribbs…. damn that sucks

  12. ProtexGames says

    giggity giggity

  13. Mountain Man says

    what up Boi great vid

  14. Ethan Benjamin says


  15. Matthew Ellert says

    You forgot bengals vs chargers. It was -52 degrees with wind chill in Cincinnati

  16. Paul Larington says

    Haha the Quagmire impressions tho wtf?

  17. JKey says

    It's just a GIGGTY GIGGTY quagmire

  18. Aaron M. Warren says

    imagine paying for them seats and then fog comes and u cant even see the game

  19. xGambo says

    yo the first one is so crazy they shouldve canceled the game

  20. btd96 says

    4:37 That is all

  21. The other gamer Bro says

    hi bro plz like

  22. Rice Gum says

    sup m8

  23. nelios says

    nice weather

  24. Ho Fart says

    What up boi

  25. Ho Fart says

    What up boo

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