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Craziest "Crooked Rim" Moments in Basketball


Rare moments in basketball where the rim gets bent by a huge dunk

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  1. HÆRD GÆMS says

    they need to call a chiropractor

  2. ItsTime says

    1:10 both rims are crooked

  3. Alguian christian Casino says

    Shaq always broke the rim why isn't he there

  4. Alyssa Criss says

    Wait so David Robinson I think that’s his name career ended after he broke the hoop?

  5. Lisa Milne says

    Back up

  6. astrid clqps says

    This video is based on a true story called: Lebron James hairline

  7. Lil Phineas says

    It’s sad cuz this is how my rim is like at home ;(

  8. Stop Being All Knowing says

    Shaq: thats cute

  9. Ralph Lim says

    0:58 backcourt

  10. JayGrayBball says

    Think basketball

  11. Sinking Buiscuit says

    My high-school teacher called me a gorilla for hanging in the rim.

  12. Nich leiras says

    How was it 4 minutes into the game and it was 0-0

  13. Giammo says

    Bruh where are those with Shaq????

  14. Crooszy says

    get up there Dwight

  15. Tequela_ says

    Lithuania Kaunas Zalgiris 🙂

  16. new era has come says

    How to touch the rim

  17. Austin Slover says

    0:511:10 I was like where’s the crooked rim then at 1:13 I was like ohhhhhh

  18. Who Dat Saints says

    How about we just save some time and call it the shaq video

  19. Aquarius says

    0:51 Michael Jordan’s competition according to lebron fans

  20. Inaz Roven says

    I still cant believe why Shaq isn't here

  21. Joe Momma says

    1:10 my man just said touchdown in basketball…

  22. Eli Falah says

    Are you seeing what I’m seeing it went from rockets vs wizards to the raptors

  23. CynicalString56 says

    hey, remember when Westbrook said the rim was crooked and it really wasn't

  24. Roberta W says

    I crooked my rim

  25. Stax says

    what if its ur enemy's court and you destroy there rim the go mad at ya bet

  26. Yaseen Kedio says

    1:00 backcourt violation


    Every school yard had a crooked rim. I'm sure these guys are used to it.

  28. FCL_production says

    Movie about Lbj and Steph Curry

  29. kit meowcles says

    That was rude

  30. Elska Spanier says

    good old Dwight howerd am I right

  31. Jœ Mæmæ says

    “Get on there Dwight, snap it”
    Dwight: bruh, shut yo bubble gum ass the fuck up

  32. Romeo Lajh says

    when shaq did it they needed to adjust whole board with rim 🙂

  33. Prince Alfonso says

    You know shaq broke the whole thing by himself.

  34. Nash Rofuli says


  35. Ty E says

    They just need to change the whole thing dnt try to bend it back pointless

  36. Yankees286 says

    Shaquille O’Neill would like to have a talk with that rim… and backboard, and the whole entire net.

  37. DOMINGO FITO says

    Marcos Fito Sáez

  38. Zach Greenwalt says
  39. Ra GaminG says

    Shaq : listen here noob

  40. JG Vlogs says

    Shaquille O'Neal would like to know your location

  41. Solarex Solar says

    1:11 he will throw the touchdown pass

  42. AI Fangs says

    2:09 4-5 step travel lol

  43. Max Niven says

    Dwight in the first one was saying “‘This rim is as straight as me”

  44. Noah Clark says

    nice action
    0:56 ???

  45. GreenGiant says

    1:58 Javtoko oro linijos!

  46. Naasir’s play sanders says

    We I’m bored I love watching your video

  47. Zachary Eleftheriou says

    Breaking hoops

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