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COVID-19 update: Trudeau says more help coming for youth, businesses


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced additional measures aimed to help support businesses and students taking a financial hit from COVID-19.

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  1. Docena Benjamin says

    I want to know ,where are the test for Nano Silver for this Virus ! O “ on research Gate .com

  2. Syed Murtaza Mehdi says

    Ahahah I really don’t care I’m a kid I just live peacefully leave this on my parents

  3. SuperMrmotorhead says

    The Chinese are working on Covid 20 now

  4. Julia Jones says

    April 16th : still no masks, no gloves, no tests for the general population. What a shame. Masks could save many lives, not just for the medical personnel. If people had masks, they would be fewer cases. Trudeau is totally incompetent!

  5. jaizz says

    Thanks and appreciate Trudo Govt. for helping the International students. But some are facing problem from the owners and co-tenant as the students want to vacate the accommodation due to some personal problems/issues but the agreement of one year so they cannot vacate the accommodation on giving month notice. The owner asked them to pay extra rent of six/four month excluding one month advance already with the owner or continue for one year as intimated by the co-tenant . But this is an mental harassment to the students and the parents who are far far from them. At this time of epidemic situation and financial crises the students are not as much fund to pay extra rent of six/five or four months as asking by the owner to leave the accommodation. In this epidemic situation govt. has to make liberal rules for tenants. Need help where can parent contact .

  6. Lourdes Gonzales says

    Congratulations to prime minister of B.C

  7. Lourdes Gonzales says

    Why Canada still import mask from China ? We have available locally…

  8. Steve Jarvis says

    There is no way they can tell us what the actual numbers of those infected are. Screening doesn't always work when people are showing no symptoms.

    The screening is not even fifty percent effective when you take into consideration how many could be showing no symptoms and passing the virus off to others.

    Every surface you touch when ever you go out, should you have to could even be contaminated.

    Heck, we don't even know if the surfaces of things that are delivered to us, haven't been contaminated by those that have delivered anything to us along the way.

    This is brutal. I have been to grocery stores as well as dollar store, convenience stores and have found that not just toilette paper but many other things that we depend on are not able to be kept in stock, due to people stocking up on everything from toilette paper to everything else needed.

    Many stores of all kinds even limit the amount of people they let in all at once and some people that get in seem to just wonder around like they don't even know what they want to get once they are inside, causing others to have to wait in line to get in, wait even longer.

    The government is even telling people not to horde but they still do so because it can be hard to find anything needed, due to people buying as much as they can when they can, from where ever they can.

    The government is even telling people, "limit your shopping and try not to shop more than once a week". They are also saying, "don't go to too many stores to buy things 'cause it's risky".

    How can you even avoid going to more than a couple stores here and there, when it's hard to find anything needed on the shelves of just one or two stores sometimes?

    At first they were telling us all that traveling was still okay when this all first started and now that it's a pandemic, they are basically saying, "whoopsies, we made a mistake now that it got worse but sorry, no traveling for those of you that are not essential services, good luck not getting sick and don't forget to wear the masks and gloves we told you that you didn't have to wear when this all started, should you have to go out, even when other places in the world wore them".

    What in the world?! What the actual bleeping bleep!?

    "Stay home and we'll help you with some of your money issues", they say.

    Oh, but you're going to have to spend even more to have things delivered to you so that you can stay home though right?

    They better make a vaccine or most of the people in the world are going to vanish.

    How many people in the world do you know are one hundred percent healthy enough to not be at risk?

    I am pretty sure that number isn't all that high now is it?

  9. Sick Offence says

    Search patent# 2549188 on the Canadian Intellectual Property Office website. Patent/ Search patent documents/ enter patent#

  10. Kelvin Nguyen says

    What about new small business who were schedule to open in March of this year but couldn’t due to the crisis shutdown? We still need to pay rent & utilities!

  11. Properganda says

    So he is exploiting vulnerable people and pushing them into harm with out consent ?? Trudeau and the Crown are evil.

  12. eric atienza says

    well.. if you dont own a business your last in line to received any kind of fund..by then you gonna see allot of people ..homeless when this is done

  13. Alfred The Great says

    What happens to the people who dont qualify for ei or Cerb?

  14. Ron Wuerch says

    He Is More Worried About His Immigrants Than The People.

  15. hunter liu says

    Trudeau is a clown.

  16. Lion Alesso says


  17. Roger Goltz says

    All this going on and Trudeau raises taxes and gives him self a raise what a POS.

  18. Tunde Pelumi says

    Pls can anyone help out on how you can claim the federal/provincial tuition amount unused for the next tax year coming .im international student

  19. D Mck says

    Instead of practicing “Social Distancing” maybe Canadians should start practicing
    ‘Economic Distancing’ starting with China.

  20. Ruba Qumi says

    what about new immigrants who moved to canada end last year or so, started looking for jobs, sorted and prepared all their papers and now they cant work like me because i have 2 kids at hime now?

  21. Trevor England says

    APRIL 8TH 2020 … . …

  22. Trevor England says

    Fast forward to the end to witness Rose Marie Barton inhale 7 huge sandwiches for lunch. ?

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