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Covid-19 and the application of Proning


This video shows how to help yourself using proning,ginger,honey and tumeric to alleviate Covid-19 victims.

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. Z SPOTIFY says

    nice video s41

  2. RenzyStyle says

    We really need to take covid seriously. Am glad u talk about this topic.its really nothing to joke about.thanks for sharing.Its very sad that people are really dying and suffer.

  3. SweeT DelisH AromA says

    This is a very interesting topic thanks for sharing

  4. Nicholas Official says

    Real talk fam so true

  5. Beauty by Lady k says

    Yes it’s no joke people

  6. Beauty by Lady k says

    This nice eeeehhhh

  7. Dollar Scratchoff says

    This covid-19 is not no jokes at all. thanks for showing these awesome remedies

  8. The-Kem Squad says

    C-19 is no joke

  9. iamshonick says

    It’s no joke for real! If anyone had told me that something of this magnitude would happen I would say no

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