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*UPDATE 6/10/2018* – It’s now on Vive and Oculus! Here is my video for that! ►

You can now sit courtside for live NBA games in virtual reality. The same goes for many other sports. Amazing.

Check out NEXTVR at: www.nextvr.com

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  1. Underverse says

    What happened to this?

  2. Simi Resell says

    how do i download Next VR ? on my playstation 4 VR ? Cant find NEXT VR ? Thanks

  3. StroopWafflez says

    It sucks now but in the future it will probably be amazing. Sit front row at anything you want with great quality. That would be so worth the money. Would be awesome!

  4. Ben Gonzales says

    Does anyone know what long term stocks we should look into if we believe this will be the next big thing ?

  5. Crusty Dog says

    The high res stuff looks good, but the people look so tiny.

  6. Dutch Van Der Linde says

    Why mine freezes every 5 seconds

  7. Don Pena says

    Hey bro great video, does it offer the games live as well as replays?

  8. Steven Lambruschini says

    It's so shaky, I feel nauseous watching it.

  9. Aldwin Gabasa says

    is possible if the 10 basketball players inside are hooked in VR , including referee, coaching staff and officials, the players in the court dribble, passing and shooting individually in their home but in syn in actual game.???.. is safe especially ncov virus spreading

  10. CHEF VARGAS Jr says

    So where do you go to select the game that you want to see ?

  11. MemphisGRIZ901 says

    I bet you're eating your words now, "Didn't wanna watch the Memphis Grizzlies because they suck." Douche. I was gonna subscribe, but … You're rude.

    Naw I'm just playing. I'll still subscribe. I appreciate the content.

  12. SportsManDan 100 says

    I like the middle court side much better why can we just get that view or have the option to pick behind the backseat or middle of the court better

  13. packerd00 says

    Do they have this for Nascar races?

  14. The Darkside of the Planet says

    Mind u this is all in 3D…… im on a pro, and these games plus WWC is fan fucking tastic… ull never ever watch on a normal tv…. plus ive been watching standup which is in the app…. its like sitting first row in the room… again in 3D….. ull never appreciate it till u try it

  15. Ike Ozurumba says

    Does it have depth watching like this?

  16. PrimiusLovin says

    I'm not a fan of NBA but this is a much better experience to watch the sport through a screen than with a regular flat screen, especially with binaural audio, and I don't think there's any chance of going back once you start watching sports in VR…

  17. Markel Paige says

    Idc what anyone says this is amazing

  18. flightjam says

    That's sick!

  19. Gregory Kazian says

    What I love about using it is you see all the court action during commercials and during halftime.

  20. Flx Gld says

    it be cool if you can make a "player mode" or "ref mode" and ne on the court and run with the players

  21. Royal Le says

    Eh honestly courtside is only cool when you’re physically courtside. Otherwise I’d rather watch a regular broadcast. Looking too far and seeing bright blue is not ideal. Thanks for the video I’ll hold off on VR for now.

  22. TMC says

    What is the resolution of the video on a ps4 pro????

  23. Connor Sweeney says

    "Camera Recording Time Limit Hit"
    When you only get that 1 week free subscription

  24. TheMagicFellow says

    How do you get rid of fish eye view

  25. Steve Jones says

    NHL Hockey?

  26. Gotti Gamer says

    Good vid ?

  27. Big Papi Papa says

    The picture quality is horrible on mine it’s just a buncha pixels and my WiFi is very good idk how to fix it

  28. kiyonexus says

    2:56 dude don't fast forward when the damn hooter girls are walking by
    That's lame that they switch the camera and the blue sides is distracting…. also is in in 3D? If it is, then that's awesome because 3D VR is incredible experience… but if it's just flat 360 video, then that's lame

  29. codybe2cool says

    Really with they had this for hockey.

  30. John Bagos says

    Can you watch NHL in that?

  31. Kalicore _04 says

    Major oopsie

  32. ZeroStressLevel says

    Zaza a bum

  33. Eder Soto says

    Knowing me id be looking at the bomb girls

  34. MoeL NYC says

    I dislike the court side switching, we should be able to decide our seating. Otherwise everything else is pretty cool ?

  35. Louis says

    So you can't see the score?

  36. Politic 1 says

    Is the game live?

  37. Scuba Steve says

    UFC would be dope

  38. ItsClout2k says

    They need to delete the blue censor

  39. The Card Plug says


  40. Harvey Salvador says

    How did he set up his ps4 like this?

  41. iamCDaddy says

    they need to mic up the players/coaches instead of the lame announcers

  42. The Green Gamer says

    why pay like 500 dollars when you cam pay 7$

  43. 721MiamiHeatGang says

    Who's the lady commentator at 1:20 needed for research purposes

  44. Russ Tanner says

    Pretty cool. The quality just isn't there yet.

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