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Coronavirus anxiety (Covid-19): How to stop worrying about your health


Watch my updated video on mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak:

Anxious about the coronavirus (Covid-19)? I’ll show you how to stop worrying about your health and stay healthy at the same time.

0:35 – How health anxiety works
2:28 – How anxiety keeps us safe during a public health scare
2:47 – When does anxiety about coronavirus become a problem?
3:38 – How coronavirus anxiety relates to anxiety disorders
3:52 – Practice healthy habits
4:37 – Limit your media consumption
6:55 – Go to credible sources of information
7:46 – Stick to your routine
8:53 – Keep doing what helps you manage anxiety
9:02 – Seek professional help
9:20 – Comment of the week

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  1. Pedro Abranches says

    Hey Ali, Thanks for the great video! I'm a psychology student from Brasil, and your content always fills me with curiosity and determination to study and learn more about psychology as a whole.
    I've struggled with generalized anxiety disorder for as long as I can remember, and health anxiety has been a strong aspect of it lately (although I'm happy to say that through my therapy I've become way better at dealing with it). That said, I still have trouble limiting my media consumption – I get most of the news I read through Twitter, and when I uninstall the app, I feel anxious about not knowing what exactly is happening. I feel as if the anxiety derived from checking the feed multiple times a day is lesser than the one I get while away from my smartphone. What should I know, and what attitudes should I take?

  2. Gilly Nana of 4 says

    I'm constantly reading or hearing things about obesity. Obesity if you have covid means allegedly you're twice as likely to need hospitalisation. This has me terrified because I have put on so much weight with my mental health issues. I'm annoyed because I know losing weight would help but I can't find the motivation to lose weight. I am terrified but I have to look after elderly parents so I can't even shield. People are telling me it's not just obesity it's because most people over weight are likely to have other underlying health issues. Comorbidities!

  3. Sophia Cruz says

    What if I live with people who constantly go out and have guests over?:(

  4. SakshamAnand Agarwal》 says

    Sir please make a video how to tackle illness anxiety disorder????????

  5. SakshamAnand Agarwal》 says

    Sir ????????
    Thankyou so much sir
    This video changed my life????????

  6. Raja Mishra says

    Thanks sir.. ????????????

  7. Dao Xiong says

    Can someone send this to my mother inlaw? Like NOW!

  8. Summah The *Vegan* says

    Something that helps me is guided hypnosis & meditations especially before bed they help me chill & having a self sooth box is great too

  9. Damien Garcia says

    Im literally shaking right now im paranoid and I keep seeing all this news and my anxiety is going up

  10. Jama Tare says

    Honestly! Since 2-3 weeks I have been having anxiety and all the negative thoughts have surrounded me ????
    Thanks for this video❤????????I am really grateful

  11. ROrlando SP says

    How to deal with coronavirus anxiety….easy…turn off the news.

  12. Kumari Kajal says

    I am suffering from anxiety,I am not able to eat,I am not able to sleep,my heart beat is racing..

  13. NynyGotFlava says

    i wash my hand all the time & i wear a face mask all the time & i stay inside all the time but sometimes my anxiety makes it seem like i have it when i don’t

  14. NynyGotFlava says

    im highly afraid of this COVID-19 & its scary im only 15 years old & ive never had anxiety before but i do i cry all the time & i get scared all time

  15. Grapes of the Vine says

    I started having heavy panic attacks during March. I have a phobia about not being able to breathe…im super clostrophobic so this triggered my panic attacks. Unfortunately, my roommate isn't taking in nearly as serious as me and has taken many rides from people never wearing a mask and goes to peoples houses and church and doesn't wear a mask….and its made my anxiety worse cuz I can't feel safe and quarantined in my own home. Luckily I'm moving in a couple weeks and will have an entire big house all to myself, so im hoping that will help since I will have full control over what im exposed to. I wear a mask everytime i go anywhere where there is another human around, and wash my hands/wear gloves, constantly. It makes me feel like im doing something to protect myself so if I ever feel like I need to cough or sneeze or anything symptom related, I can mentally tell myself its probably just allergies since I have been very careful and havnt gotten close to anyone, even with my mask on i won't go within 6 feet of anyone not wearing a mask for sure. Plus I try to eat fruits and vegetables everyday and take immunity booster vitamins to build my immune system, which mentally makes me feel more secure also. I still get mild panic attacks almost daily, but they go away a lot quicker and aren't as scary as when they first started.

  16. van2dan says

    I’ve been having stress & anxiety over this pandemic. Uncomfortableness. Worry about things in my house like the doorknobs of the front yard, backyard, doorknobs to go into the garage area, lightswitch of the restroom, lightswitch of the kitchen/living room, remote control for the tv in the living room might be contaminated Because I live with my parents. My dad is 83, I’m worry that when he goes outside and into the garage area, and when he comes back I’m worry that he might forget to wash his hands. Because he forgets a lot now. The reason why I worry that the doorknobs of front yards, backyards, garbage area is because I’m worry that when I come home from work or my mom come home from somewhere is because from touching the car door handle. I’m worry that the car door handle might be contaminated because strangers might come by and touch it. So my worry are the spread & spread. I work at the grocery store. People know that I’m stress about it. They want me to take time off from work. One employee worries that I might end up collapsing . I have OCD. I’m coping with it by going to a OCA meeting on Zoom or Google Hangout. I met someone at that meeting and we been chatting with each other. I’ve been very tired of when coming home from work, not just shower. But also after showering I must wipe my wallet, keychains, and crell phone with disinfect wipes as well as the table of where I leave it. I tell myself this many times “I want to go back to normal”.

  17. April Michelle Rose says

    I’m on Xanax for panic attacks and anxiety and I still worry I’ll get the corona virus. I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s misery

  18. Kufiy says

    i keep thinking im going to die or im doomed and that i have cancer and im going to die for no reason and the littlest symptoms set me off and it gets to the point where im up all night im on the edge it sucks

  19. vishwanath M Malnad says

    Kindly guide me…. you are an awesome doctor…

  20. vishwanath M Malnad says

    Super sir… I got relaxed by seeing your vedio…

  21. scott b says

    I've had too many things try to end my life. Covid 19 ain't no thing. We will live through this one too.

  22. Carlos Mendieta says

    You nailed literally every single thing that I’m going through right now. Thanks so much for this, doing God’s work

  23. frank peluso says

    Thanks for sharing. I’m a single guy. 44. Live alone in Nj. Downtime is my worst enemy. I feel all sorts of things mentally and physically and it sets me off so bad. This is truly helpful. Thanks for the tips.

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