Cool and Powerful Agriculture Machines That Are On Another Level Part 2

Cool and Powerful Agriculture Machines That Are On Another Level Part 2
In this video:
1. Drainage technique: applied without having to dig a trench by means of a V-shaped plow:
2. DEWULF RQA 3060 self propelled potato harvester:
3. Clearing ditches during annual fall maintaining by MeriPeat screw type ditcher OJK-1.3:
4. The Savannah Model 1720 Stump Puller machine pulled big size stumps fast and easy:
5. Wild Blueberry harvester technique:
Pictou County Berry Ltd Mike MacKay
6. Cutting Big grass Slabs half a meter with machine:
7. Oxbo 7420 Fresh Market Berry Harvester:
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  2. I've been on a machine exactly like that (the 1st one) there is a metal grating but you can't tell it's there. It's almost like a piece of screen it's made that way so you don't slip and fall and actually have an accident. Normally you're putting 3 or 4 of those PVC drain pipes in as opposed to just the one shown in the video

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