​The Braintree Control Panel is the user interface for your gateway. Most of the functions you can perform in the Control Panel can also be automated by your developers via the API. However, some tasks must be completed in the Control Panel:

  • Enable different payment methods (like

    Apple Pay




  • Enable and configure fraud tools

  • Create and manage recurring billing options

  • Enable email receipts

  • Create webhooks

  • Create and manage users and roles

  • Create and manage custom fields

  • Access important credentials for processing transactions

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The Dashboard gives you a quick look at your sales volume, transaction volume, totals, and averages. You can expect to see your successful transactions appear on the Dashboard the day after they have settled. While the Dashboard can be helpful in understanding general sales patterns, it should not be used for reconciliation – you’ll want to use our

reporting tools

for that.


Braintree Marketplace transactions are not included in your daily sales totals reported in the Dashboard graphs.


There are two Control Panel environments:

  • Sandbox Control Panel

    : Testing environment

  • Production Control Panel

    : Live production environment

Both environments are mutually exclusive; they do not interact with each other, and it is possible to have different login credentials for each environment.

Learn more about differences between the environments.

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