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Computer Upgrades & Repairs : How to Add a Second Hard Drive to a Computer


When adding a second hard drive to a computer, don’t over-tighten the aluminum screws while protecting the hardware. Add a second hard drive with tips from a computer specialist in this free video on computers.

Expert: James MacGregor
Contact: www.interconnection.org
Bio: James MacGregor is the training coordinator at InterConnection based out of Seattle, WA. He has been in the computer industry for six years.
Filmmaker: Ross Safronoff

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. BUTTABALLA999 says

    That would be just about every Alienware owner.

  2. BUTTABALLA999 says

    Unless you have more than one drive plugged into a single IDE cable, jumper settings aren't very consequential.

  3. Video Production Company says

    you helped me. thanks.

  4. Johnfreemanwepon says

    what kind of alienware owner needs someone else to install a hard drive for him?!?

  5. Rolando Lo says

    Sir how to set SATA as Slave? using jumper?

  6. Mhd_Aiman says

    @maximuSario Yes there is, All you have to do is to change the position of the jumper to master

  7. KevinTx says

    I try to do this, but I on my mother board the ATA IDE cable has only two plugs only- 1.- Goes to my Main Hard Drive and 2.- goes to my DVD/CD Burner so I don't have an extra Plug what to I do ? (my Motherboard has only "Blue" Plug- do they make a ATA IDE "double insert" ?

  8. ReStart says

    @B787YV this might be too late by now, but you could try right clicking on the drive and click explore.

  9. B787YV says

    Need help here!!!!!! I added the old hardrive to my new pc but when double click on my old computer's name folder…it says Denied Access all my music are on my documents!!!

  10. david ha says

    can u switch harddrives and install and new OS

  11. wx1337 says

    Jumper settings are only necessary if you have an IDE harddrive.

  12. Davchandler says

    not what im looking for -.-

  13. Macho Camacho says

    Can anyone send me a message to tell me if it is different to put two SATA Harddrives conneted to a motherboard? I know how to make a master and slave.

  14. activoDS says

    wtf is up with your hair bro, seriously, cmon…

  15. Andrew O'Brien says

    Er, what about the jumper settings ????

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