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Computer Typing Lessons : How to Type Without Looking


Type like a pro! Learn how to type without looking in this free video.

Expert: Linda Lewis
Contact: www.keytime.com
Bio: Linda Lewis is the the founder and President of KEYTIME, since 1987. Her seminars and workshops for educators have been presented throughout the United States and in Canada and Europe.
Filmmaker: Ross Safronoff

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. Maggie Boyer says

    How does she have so many subs

  2. SuperKiana9 says

    lol,these comments are hilarious

  3. BizarreIoveTriangle says

    I think this video actually made me loose knowledge about typing…

  4. Jason Castellano says


  5. Hayden Delgado says

    What the hell did i and all f u watch!

  6. T1ron97 says

    I literally learned nothing from that..

  7. Vinay Maru says

    expert touch typing trial before this video.
    amateuy touch tyinh trial aafter the vidweo

  8. avery crandall says

    this is my atwmpr at tyoeing wirgout koojing pretty bad huh?

  9. AtokShen says

    Grandma,Please go Home. U Drunk 🙂

  10. Jennifer Roberts says

    thhus tutorial didn't really teach me how 2 type without looking! what the heck! I searched how to type without looking at the keyboard and it game me this crap video??????

  11. Intronetz says

    I don't want a god damn commersial. I want help! Look at my "touch typing" l'knLNlgn fjgna[ordh[oah[b ohr[aeorih zoihknf'lknz'knx'lknhxlnohty'ltskn'hzkn'fp

  12. Lanceloodle says

    wow that didn't help

  13. Everett Ogden says

    I don't think that expertvillage has enough videos on their channel.

  14. Playstation Gaming HD says

    Worlds dumbest tutorial old lady !!!!!

  15. MarcyKay says

    Just me? or does she need to be smacked?

  16. Cerealbarz says

    DONT CONFUSE ME WOMAN i have my own way of typing i can type super duper fast and i can type without looking but i need to get faster

  17. MMZ says

    As far as learning, this sucked big balls time but I am enjoying watching that hot piece of meat.

  18. Tronnixx says

    I have my own way in typing.

  19. joshie9119 says

    touch the fuzzy dots touch the fuzzy dots touch the fuzzy dots

  20. Zomgoneeyedcyclops says

    @HackingFever101 no, not even close

  21. Nacholism says

    what if your A.D.D. and can barely talk while typing….. fml

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