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Computer Typing Lessons : How To Type: Part 2


Learn how to type on the computer keyboard in this free instructional video.

Expert: Jenifer Cononico
Bio: Jenifer Cononico is a professional actress in Los Angeles who has worked as an Administrative Assistant using various typing machines, word processors and computers.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. Nitin Kumar says

    My name is Aradhya Yadav

  2. Nice Charlie says

    Thank YOU very much

  3. travelsonic says

    I learned how to type using this method, but it was HORRIBLY uncomfortable for me, and now that I look back at it, it looks horribly inefficient as well.

  4. pepik39 says

    fdfjkdfkjh)(*asddha-98-[-hY 786879 uhhkj 0_(*_*(*896765$tgg uiy^&^%(*&^78
    iiooo9089Ihglkl675322ytyhg hiuho oupipipp[p-00954563443566

  5. Bishal Shrestha says

    it sucks!

  6. englandfan69 says


  7. Mardoek says

    What if ur dyslectic?

  8. knarff21 says

    @Psychoindecent i think u have making an typfout

  9. Mardoek says

    How long did it take to type: in the laiver?

  10. knarff21 says

    i have mana on f
    sorry for mistake

  11. Mardoek says

    D mana so OP

  12. knarff21 says

    d mana f heal

  13. RelativelyHostile1 says

    how long does it take to be fast at touch typing?

  14. MMZ says

    HOLY SH*T!!! That's Julia Roberts !!!!!!!!!!!

  15. VikingNightmare says

    @pshute22 It could be that you where thought on a Dvorak type keyboard but then again i have never used a Dvorak keyboard to know the layout…
    I did not watch the video with attention since most of the expert village videos are lame, and i can't seem to figure out the reason as to why this is actually like that :))

  16. Sharan Ravitharan says

    village expert! hhahahahh lol

  17. vijay pj says

    thanks a lot.. helpd me…

  18. AA says

    she did the right hand wrong

  19. RICKY bobby says

    fndsbjsdn chnsdfgjhfdnbgnfkxzlnbjindsfvkbijxcdmgl;nd sbgjxnfdgbhjrekhygfxogdfgyhfxgdanrehndgasduwreugihadfeer
    so did i do good?

  20. heinamen says

    @buzzbong nice

  21. I Am Aware says

    it's gator hero all over!

  22. PinkSteel says

    @chiclorio yee haw ~

  23. idiosyncraticTV says

    well if you don't know and would wlike to learn then ok, but i think its easier to peck especialy if you learn through playing an online game

  24. wildreams says

    @muskndusk Hey, me too, I learnt it from a program called Typing Master Pro.

  25. muskndusk says

    @wildreams Hate the way youtube arranges replies. My other reply is to your comment about which finger you use to type B.

  26. muskndusk says

    @wildreams I learnt this method from a book which divided the keyboard diagonally in divisions slanting from left top to right bottom. The B is typed with the left index, along with: rfv tgb. The right index types: yhn ujm. No other touch typing books seem to use this method. Odd.

  27. wildreams says

    What keyboard is that? Looks good, mechanical?

  28. wildreams says

    Me too! Somehow i always feel that B types better with my right index finger as well though I am supposed to use my left index finger to type that. Guess it is an old habit that is hard to kick.

  29. Toolshed Ed says

    @Stupidgut6 Thats the whole reason to learn to type like this, this is the most efficient way to type fast, less distance for your fingers and hands to travel.

  30. muskndusk says

    That's not the way I learnt to touch type. For example, I use my right index finger for both n and m. Different methods, I suppose.

  31. KazeNoKaji says

    lol i totally think im gonna do fine with my own type of typing xD

  32. Aaron Andrews says

    It's zed not zee

  33. ross redden says

    asdfjkl; zxcvbnm,.

  34. Larry voight says

    lmao thats a good point

  35. 1818324 says

    by looking at the keyboard and typeing one leter at a time

  36. Doct0r says

    How do people who cant type find this learn how to type video?

  37. Jeff S says

    It may be dumb but it is helping people who ar eunable to type very well type better, so atleast think of the big picture before you leave a negative comment ? thanks.

  38. Katarina Daniel says

    thank you so much for this video,you helping me to learn alot how to fast typing

  39. Lecious says

    what are you saying?

  40. hex3n says

    Next use spell check rofl ????

  41. Lecious says

    Do you know the best way of typing fast? First, you need to write without puntuation, then when you finish you can update it. It's the fast way of learning as a beginer.

  42. Trayvon Byrd says

    this stuff is sooooo boring and dumb u can't even type fast fuckin bitch

  43. Joanna Guzman says

    i learning to type properly so this help me remember where are the keys at least so i think the video is ok if you want to memorize the keys

  44. terminaterjohn says

    Herman li forever!!!

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