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Computer Typing Lessons : How to Type 40 Words Per Minute


Become a faster, better typist! Learn how to type 40 words per minute on the keyboard in this free video.

Expert: Linda Lewis
Contact: www.keytime.com
Bio: Linda Lewis is the the founder and President of KEYTIME, since 1987. Her seminars and workshops for educators have been presented throughout the United States and in Canada and Europe.
Filmmaker: Ross Safronoff

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  1. xXXXx says


  2. Est says

    I could type 89 wpm when I was 12.

  3. VoxNerdula says

    that CRT monitor can type faster than your grandma

  4. Zarren Spry says


  5. Nino Bagel says

    I'm only 9… but can not type shit. 9 inches is a good dick, why do I need to type? LOL

  6. Aye Slim says

    That’s the dat before i was. Born

  7. Xauosu says

    I can type 149 wpm, why am I watching this

  8. Illicitify says

    I'm 13 and can type anywhere from 100 wpm to 111, that good?

  9. 4esthetics says

    My average wpm is 112 🙂

  10. VNTR says

    86wpm average

  11. Imani says

    i can type 29 wpm is that good?

  12. Jon Mascar says

    Update: I can now do above 90 words per minute and I'm 15 and have never used the computer for anything else other than YouTube and video games. Trust me, it's gonna be very easy if you just try doing an online course like 'Peter's Online' and then going to 10fastfingers.com and doing the competitions until you are at 60 words per minute. After that you just chat with friends with your new typing skills and you will automatically start typing without even thinking about it. A little hard work and you can push to the higher 100s or even 120s.

  13. eogg25 says

    if you can do 100wpm why  are you watching this

  14. Jon Mascar says

    I type 59 words per minute after only one week of learning touch typing.

  15. Lauri Luokkala says

    i can type at 70 words per minute. that is sad

  16. Alister says

    Tell me about it. Guys like Sean Wrona, Kukkain, etc. whoop me reulgarly, and I type around what you type.

  17. Rudy Chamorro says

    really, wow then i should be able to learn quick…

  18. Dhruv Sharma says

    I can get 57WPM on average but i want to learn how to type at 85WPM

  19. nbukim0n says

    i spent an hour memorizing what fingers to use for what letters. then after that i went on typing websites and just practiced using propper form. Light faste movements. Every hour I kinda alternated between speed and accuracy. It works if you do it right. If you don't you just learn bad habits and it makes it so that you can't really get much better. GOOD LUCK!

  20. Jessy Truong says

    ht tp : //adf . ly/Bz qyz (no spaces) typing website here

  21. nbukim0n says

    Well what i did was spend an hour just memorizing which fingers to use. Like i already knew where everything was. I just learned which fingers to use for an hour. then went to an online typing game/ typing test and alternated between going as fast as i could and going slowly and accurately.

  22. benry007 says

    40wmp is just awful!

  23. nbukim0n says

    haha what? i got from 36 wpm to 85 wpm in a week. with 7 hours of practice. haha its just learning how to learn.

  24. Celler2 says

    Chuck Norris can type 68 WPM…………with only one finger.

  25. Bryan Sharp says

    what did you use as a tutor?
    I need to get to 45 wpm as fast as I can for work!

  26. Bryan Sharp says

    what did you use as a tutor?

  27. qwerty qwerty says

    i get 70 wpm

  28. Jax Teller says

    @MrTingfod yea buthow…

  29. eatcarpet says

    Hey she has the same monitor as I have.

  30. billie dee lynch says

    This lady has a alternative finger keying. Ergonomic styled with the pointer on the c and the middle on the x. works pretty well if you sit in bed and type.

  31. brett lally says

    @InsanePlane123 i try but i never get any better

  32. brett lally says

    @InsanePlane123 im 15 and i type like 15 wpm accurately

  33. Onkel Ronkel says

    Why do they call themselves experts??
    They are just a bunch of stupid bitches
    that don't know shit…

  34. CremeBruhLee says

    typing 40 words a minute is what anyone should be able to do by the end of year 8 and it should be easy because some people stay on the computer so long i think they can type 40 words a second

  35. Jonsson says

    This is just shit, Anny one can type 40words /minute. Ffs -.-
    This is the most fucked up video i watched 😛

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