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Computer Training Part 3 – Amharic and English


Computer Training Part 1 – Amharic and English

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  1. Manfred Johnson says

    So if I need to learn social engineering how many stages to reach there ( social engineering course) ?

  2. U ra good teacher we can understand easily

  3. It's not Amharic. It's Tigrigna language

  4. Joshua Onda says

    fake video

  5. sadmwa 144 says

    I like your teaching very clear thank you

  6. Sujaya Adkhikari says


  7. Su Mar says

    Thank you very much. This vedio is helpful for me.

  8. Abubarrr Sunbundou says

    You so wandaful you are once in a million,

  9. Mimi Chi says

    Thank you so much I really love your teach

  10. Venkata Lakshmi says

    Super explanation mam thank you soo much

  11. Deginet Demissie says

    Nice but is not in Amharic translation they them he translation in tigergha

  12. deeqa cali says

    You're best teacher

  13. M Boss says

    Great teaching style

  14. Kamini Pradhan says

    Tq for your explanation

  15. Muhammad Dare says

    If it's a laptop how are you going to do it please

  16. Mallu Bhaskar says

    You can keep one app it's better you are wonderful

  17. HARSHA AADI says

    Thank You

  18. Enock Arinaitwe says

    Am new here but i have liked the classes u just won a subscription for free??

  19. Muwanguzi Hilder says

    ExceExcellent my teacher


    Very clear explanation mam

  21. SONTOSH SINHA says

    I am happy mam ,,, proud of u

  22. Jeilan Sultan says

    hi you , thank very much!!!

  23. Muhammad haris says

    thanks a lot teacher for giving me this such a great experience i learned so many functionalities , basic and conceptual methodologies now i can teach some other students who don't know how to use computers like your teaching method thanks.

  24. mebrahtom debas says

    Great job

  25. Pavangamer33 says

    Wow ma'am u r wonderful

  26. Nahpets Android Gameplays says

    I hate Windows Vista

  27. study mood says

    Thnks mam

  28. Muniira shiiq says

    You are the best ??

  29. Shankara Ganta says

    How to right a programme in computer system

  30. Wesenyelesh Biru says

    በትግርኛ እየተባተብክ Amharic ብለህ ታስቀመምጣለህ

  31. Learning Language says

    Your class is very clear and easy

  32. Francis Kipng'etich says

    I won't go anywhere here

  33. Francis Kipng'etich says

    Waaaa !!! ,teacher by profession really ,as clear as she is

  34. Metrine Bilunji says

    Thank you so much. Madam through you hv manage to learn a lot about computers

  35. Sanuka Thapa says

    Tq for a best video in a simple way i m watching all day

  36. Mucad Mucad says

    Thanks my dear sister I understood alot of things

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