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Computer Scrap How Much Gold In A Scrap PC


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    So you would need to process about 300 old PC's just to get one ounce… dang it, not worth it, even with gold nearing it's all time high of $2000..

  2. steven steven says

    The videos is informative… tho for example in africa you would get those scrapy pcs for only $100 I think it would worth the shot …

  3. Hamdi Altunsal says

    Hi how much gold can I get from 1 pc you think please?thanks

  4. Zygintas diminskas says

    Mr.Sreetips great teacher,i learn a lot from your videos.now i have my little lab at home,and after few times i finaly get my first gold buttom of 3,6g 22k gold from 700g mixed e-scrap?.its not pure,need to be refined 1 or 2 times more,but finaly i get that from e-scrap.thanks for great videos.

  5. mcb0613 says

    Very informative, out of interest, how much did you end up selling the button for on ebay?

  6. 999 FINE says

    I can't help but wonder if it would have been better to just incinerate the fingers and burn the fibre board right off. Do you think incineration would have been a better way to go, instead of the peroxide? Thanks Sreetips

  7. therugburnz says

    There may be 1/4 OZ of precious metals in total in a pc, just not that many in the platinum group. Rare earth the like neodymium sure but I don't think those are precious.

  8. Tom Varley says

    Thank you for providing the information, great work. Modern electronics ( the last 20 years) has reduced the gold thickness on plated fingers to 1 micron or less. Gold from 1930 – 1990 started off from 5 microns thickness, military standards specified 5 microns so old military and government equipment is where the money is, I knew a company in the UK that searched out old military and telephone exchange equipment to salvage gold.
    Keep up the good work!

  9. The Toilet Police says

    I'm baffled, another guy got about 1 ounce of pure 999 from 6 pounds of vintage card fingers. I guess it depends on how it was plated

  10. Alisa Lapoint says
  11. John Faulkner says
  12. Dan Morgan says

    You're a very good chemist, thank you for sharing this.

  13. frie jemi says

    448 grams in a lb. NOT 456. Do a little research matbe? if to use a whole pc mainboard and cards, majority of gold is inlayed circuit paths. NOT in fingers …

  14. Just Me says

    He's making a lot more money just posting the video on YouTube.

  15. simon newbury says

    Did you weigh the glass fibre board after?

  16. Thomas Craddock says

    so basically if i am a computer hardware repair tech and i fill a room with garbage pc's, theres profit to be made on ebay with a pair of cutting shears. nice.

  17. Dazza Dazza says


  18. Class 3 Dealer says

    Painful to watch!

  19. Robert Mintun says

    I wonder if more bubblers would accelerate the process?

  20. Jay the iKON says

    I’m not sure how this guy was able to use half the weight of the computer scrap that you used and was able to double his output. https://youtu.be/o3cqZ5kqEB4

  21. Neth monteiro says

    Excelete trabalho mestre

  22. Robinhood Coins says

    Thank you very much for sharing!

  23. Robinhood Coins says

    Would the first round of hydrochloride acid and peroxide continued to remove foils if you had left them in that first round longer, or was the chemical reaction done? I ask because I noticed the 2nd round was left longer and seemed to go farther than round one at removing the foils

  24. david wheeler says

    He threw away most of the gold in the waste buckets <|8| .. and why does he filter at 38min in the video?

  25. Jesse Carter says

    Question: Would have freezing the incoming bag of fingers have speed up the separation of gold from boards?

  26. Adventures in Metals says

    "…There's a .25oz of pure gold in every pc…"

    You're the first person I've ever heard say anything remotely like that. I love watching your videos, but I absolutely hate "mythbusting" videos that claim to be busting "myths" that literally no one is propagating.

  27. JUWEL AHMMED says

    i want to contack with you, sir.. please. .. jowelahmmed43@gmail.com

  28. CR Solarice says

    I'm a long time observer and was curious to know why you haven't combined some of the steps in order to save time, effort and cleanup?

  29. mbauer588 says

    I hope you are aware that trimmed fingers are not the only thing what contains gold… IC-chips, some capacitors, etc. also contain gold and other expensive metals like palladium or silver! So basically you can make a profit if you get it for the right price and process all sources and separate/refine these metals.

    To get the right price you will need to buy it not on ebay and not in so small bags. To make a profit you will more likely need to buy a container and process it in a much larger scale. Anyway with all sources combined we come nowhere near that 1/4 troy ounce of gold within one PC but it should be much more then 1/10 of a gramm.

    IC's can be disolved with some acids but as far as my knowledge go SMD capacitors you need to grind to a powder, melt the metals out and separate then gold and palladium. Thatfor you need to desolder them. Or maybe grinding the hole PCB's and melting the metals together would be just as good.

  30. Catherine Berg says

    I have an old gateway any one up to buy. Make me an offer. I'm not scientifically savee to process.

  31. lourak613 says

    Excellent technique in this experiment. Problem is – you obviously over paid for the computer parts. FYI – I just saw on ebay an offer of 4 lbs. of fingers of the same quality used here, for only $30.00 on a buy it now basis. according to my calculations, total cost including chemicals (assuming you could buy 6 lbs. for $45) would be approximately $100. Your experiment shows accurately that you can produce 11 grams of pure gold for $100 (not including labor). At today's price of gold, that has a value of about $1,600 per ounce, or $61.50 per gram. Result – you can produce 11 grams at a street value of $676 for a cost of $100. Quite a nice profit, if you ask me. Now – you are right, that people are scamming the public on ebay with their absurd prices for these computer parts. But if you take your time and search for the material, and bargain them down, you can do quite well in this business.

  32. Eli Elfassy says

    Very good video thank you!

  33. Bushwacker says

    Thanks really came in good ?

  34. Shane York says

    An oldie but a goodie!!
    I'm building up alot of ewaste and I'm getting closer to the time that I'll dive into recovery and refining! I've got alot of the IC chips, but I'm not real excited about working with hot sulfuric acid, if I choose to do wet ashing. I know it's probably the most dangerous procedure to recover the gold bonding wires, but getting the most gold from it is why I think is the chosen method, compared to incineration! Now incineration can be good if you have the extra money for the supplies, but doing it cheap over an open fire is where I think more can be lost compared to wet ashing!!
    It's alot of fun revisiting your older videos again! Even though I've probably seen this video 4 or 5 times in its entirety, I'm still finding little things that I'm picking out of it and learning from them!
    I'd love to see you do another ewaste video, mainly IC chips, not cpu's, but the black IC chips! There are lots of videos out there on it, but as you know, no one who's going to take the time and teach us the way SREETIPS WILL!!!
    Have a GREAT Day My Friend!!!

  35. Robert Lewis says

    I get my script free

  36. patrick van eylen says

    with a crisis around the corner id hang on to the gold >.<

  37. CyberCyborg 20XX says

    Should've bought a scrap PC, scavenge it, then extract the gold. This was misleading.

  38. legalintimidation says

    that was a valuable video thank you

  39. Deborah Elliott says

    Its no wonder I watch your videos! Not only do I learn your science from these, but I learn what is going to give gold and what won't.

  40. Ayed Alshareef says

    You bought fingers at a very expensive price

  41. spot lobac says

    if you melted 3 or 4 oz. of pins & poured it into a conical mold would the gold go to bottom ?

  42. Remember USS Liberty says

    Youd be better off panning for gold in the creek lol

  43. Aaron Adams says

    So, what their saying is my $300 tower PC contains $400 worth of gold? If that was the case, I will start buying new computers and scrapping them and make a healthy profit. Haaahahahahaa


    I feel if you used a stronger bubbler they would of came off better

  45. Kennet Hansen says

    Every single DISLIKE on this video, is an online escrap seller ???

  46. SegaDream131 says

    The centimental value of harvesting all the gold yourself is worth it alone…..

  47. DStray Cat says

    Interesting and great information… I am wondering if you are not adding a step in the process… I skip the step of removing the gold by using Hydrochloric Acid and Peroxide and go straight to Aqua Regia… I dissolve the gold in one step rather than two (save money and time)… Correct me if I am wrong, please 🙂

  48. Herb Gaskin says

    Why is it so noisy , dang

  49. Debra Polenz says

    I thank you for a very informative video, and for telling us how much the gold was worth in the end. Others seem to leave that info out. Also, did you include the cost of the supplies used in the loss?

  50. Project Evolution says

    Bahaha he shows how much gold is in a pc but doesn't scrap a pc for its gold. Bahahah pure gold this video is. Click bait!!!!!

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