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Computer Science vs Software Engineering – Which One Is A Better Major?


What’s the difference between Computer Science and Software Engineering majors? Watch this video to find out!

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  1. CS Dojo says

    Hey guys! FYI, I have a Medium article with the same topic here: https://goo.gl/ENsErq

    If I need to make updates in the future, I’ll update the article because updating a Medium article is so much easier than updating a YouTube video 🙂

  2. Santhosh Balasa says

    Your opinion is the best ?

  3. Rana Sarthi says

    I agree bro

  4. Yash Waghela says

    Please Add Subtitle on this "FULL Video" ! because I'm Deaf! ?

  5. Rahul Ghosh says

    It's pandamic and I'm in final year of cs….my mind is empty what should I do….plz help

  6. Muhammad Zeeshan says

    computer science is better than software engineering

  7. sir please i kindly requested you to make a guide video for Bsc in data science

  8. Md Ajaz Ali Rehmani says

    Can i get your T shirt with dojo emoji??

  9. al fatcat says

    Oh herro prease

  10. Crafty 62512 says

    I’m still trying to understand how Econ is associated with a computer science degree. Even physiology 101. Any input?

  11. Lukas de Niska says

    And, what is the difference between: Computer engineering and software engineering???…

  12. Jaspe says

    What should I study in high school??

  13. Yuli Viki says

    When I was a kid, I wanted to became a computer engineer but my parents didn't allowed me because in my country there is a lot of computer engineers were working. But I was 13 and at least I wanted go to software school but my older sister didn't allowed me. And now my country needs them again and they allowed me to go to software school but my those time are taken. And now I reading a lot of news about 12 or 13 aged perfect software engineer kids. That's because I sometimes crying.

    Don't leave your dreams. If you leave your dream, your end will be like my end.


    I am college freshman this year and I want to take programming, what is the better course for programming CS or IT?

  15. Amir Nks says


  16. Li GRT says

    Hi CS dojo can you do a video on the importance of English language in the fields of computer science. Thank you

  17. Ruatb says

    What was your major?

  18. r1Mas says

    I think software engineering should be a specialization, not a undergrad. Firstly, Most companies have their way of developing software, so what matters is experience, not much what you learn reading a book (in regards to software development).
    Second, in SE you take classes that are useless in IT jobs, like chemistry and physics for engineers, but those classes are the one that give you the engineer status lol. A proof that you may learn software development processes without needing an SE degree is that there lots of self taugjt coders that work as sofrware engineers that complain only about not having CS knowledge and how it makes them have a harder time on their jobs, but ive never seen a self taught coder or someone with a CS degree complaining that they dont understand software development processes. And last, saying a SE is more complete than a CS grad, is like saying taking a Medical specialization without going through a normal medical grad is" better" as it focuses more in practical stuff. Doesnt make much sense. SE will give you the engineer status but beyond the fact that it literally makes you practice more coding and that, i see no advantage in taking it over CS. Plus, you can practice coding by yourself on CS, but as that takes the responsiblity factor into consideration, ppl are usually afraid of that lol.

  19. African Mamba says

    im still confused… so which one should I do?

  20. Ghffn Jdjhdd says

    So basically I'm not good in math like terrible so I should study software engineering ?

  21. G B says

    Better major? The one you like lol

  22. Mawanda Denns says

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  23. Mawanda Denns says

    Hi am really inspired

  24. kenshindoman says

    Sounds like the best way forward would be to get a bachelors degree in Computer Science, and then a Masters Degree in Software Engineering.

  25. ACE KRONOS says

    i lub u

  26. SirMatic says

    cries in hardware engineer

  27. horain aman says

    thank u so much its really helps me.i was so cnfused between two but now m clear about ,so yaa……

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