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Got my mom with it too!

For everyone asking:-

This screamer I made quickly in flash, using a photo of my lounge and a pic of my face, edited to look like a zombie. The sound I made myself too by really distorting, pitching and amping up some basic “ARGH” sounds I recorded.

It’s not a very effective way to capture someone’s attention. Everytime I used it I’d have to explain that I “took a photo of the lounge and tell me if you can see the ghost there by the speaker”. They’d lean forward and BAM…

I did this before the maze scare came out, I think the maze is more effective than this. Maze was not the first screamer, nor was mine. The first screamer I ever saw got me really really bad. Was a basic well lit photo of a Victorian styled dining room, with a caption asking u to try spot something (can’t remember). Then a screaming (WOOHOO-ish) type of voice came up with a picture of a face that had eyes made of mouths. Common internet pic back in the day.

Unfortunately I can’t find this screamer on my system, as that old computer was chucked away years ago.

But no loss really, the maze prank is way more effective.

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  1. Diptanshu Pal says

    Man Gavin getting out!!!!!

  2. Diptanshu Pal says

    Oh Fuck You Man Gavin!! #SONY  @Sony

  3. Diptanshu Pal says

    SCARY JEOPARDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ltime says

    He made it himself. So that means it's not on youtube.

  5. Gavin Langley says

    made it myself

  6. Mark Clouden says

    What is this flash movie called?

  7. Boomerlance says

    whats the name of the video of that screamer?

  8. mralawi113 says

    can i have the link please?

  9. alextrender says

    hey whats the name of this prank?

  10. pinkglitter1107 says


  11. vovapered says

    Fuck you G-man(ya from half life)

  12. Davey Schaap says


  13. lllilkilla202ll100 says

    that sounded like a booger scream

  14. Shadow2ashes says

    oh fuck you then devin, ha ha ha

  15. Eddy Maciel says

    oh fuck you then kevim lol

  16. Noel Paulino says

    nagmura pa sya (she said a a bad word)

  17. coinstalker says

    Please mate PM me, I know the mate who made The scary maze game, maybe you could be famous

  18. fattyfattyx says


  19. shadowfigure2 says


  20. OTKP says

    hahahahaha her reaction is classic

  21. Humble Wordsmith says

    AHAHAHAHAHAHHAH loved the evil eye at the end.

  22. Gar O'Rourke says

    wow she looked prrrettttay pissed

  23. montez1016 says

    Oh Fuck you then devin. LOL TSWFAH!

  24. Gavin Langley says

    its "Fuck you man Gavin"

  25. Dill says

    how do u put those faces cuz i found a real good scary one

  26. oliver2341 says

    oh fuck you to then devon

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