Computer Pioneers: Pioneer Computers Part 1

[Recorded: 1996]
Part 1 of 2 The Dawn of Electronic Computing
1935 1945

Computer pioneer Gordon Bell hosts this two-part program on the evolution of electronic computing from its pre-World War II origins through the development of the first commercial computers. His narration traces the development of the stored program computer architecture which remains the foundation of todays modern computers.

In Part 1 The builders of the first five computer machines: the Bell Labs Model 1, the Zuse Z1-3, the Atanasoff-Berry Computer, the Harvard Mark 1 and the IBM SSEC tell their stories.

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  4. Grep, a commonly used search/querying command in Unix and Linux dates all the way back to the early days of BASIC. It was written overnight to solve a problem the developers friend was having with searching through files. I still use it basically daily, as it is extremely useful

  5. Zuse was a true genius…and gets far less credit than he deserves. He not only came up with the concepts…he built it on his own!
    A genius of computer science far greater than John Von Neuman, who copied many of ideas from Eckhert/Mauchly…Von Neuman took (or was given) undeserved credit for the stored program computer.
    Funny how only certain chosen individuals get all the credit, isn't it…? Almost like some powerful group decides who we can all consider to be a genius, doesn't it?

  6. The first computer I used is in the Science Museum on London, UK. It was a Ferranti Pegasus. Originally it was supplied to Vickers Armstrong at Weybridge (now BAE), and transferred to Brooklands Technical College in about 1963.

  7. My first computer was a MICRON with a P90. Anybody remember Micron?? In early 90s they were rated #1 but faded away with time. It was a big step up from the legendary 486 though. But just like today it wasn’t long before the Pentium 100 came along and knocked us off our pedestal lol.

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