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Computer in a nightstand – Spotswood test bench PAX East 2015


How many videos would a ninja computer render if a ninja computer could render videos? A ninja computer would render as many videos as a ninja computer could render if a ninja computer could render videos.

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  1. Lewis Jay says

    The dude in the back

  2. Blue Screen Gaming. says

    Perfect for after all night gaming i mean "reading"

  3. Fyreee says

    look at the guy in the background with the hat just staring at the camera

  4. PlagueOfPandas -dead or alive- says

    How can I get this…

  5. Simon Adams says

    Socket A?!

    how did he find them?!

  6. mxthunder2 says

    dat AP-00

  7. matt brauninger says

    Did Luke go ginger?

  8. The Curious Noob says

     00:18 Kid at the beginning is totally checking Luke out.

  9. Maxk99 says

    Dual not dool. 

  10. zachary159 says

    my nightstand is a old computer case lol

  11. Robert Langille says

    Seems like when you open one of the drawers for a system, everything plugged into the back IO is going to get snagged and what not…

  12. Axonteer says

    DARN those screen protectors

  13. LAN__mine says

    This would be great for a discreet Fold@Home farm.

  14. Shinomori Ryuichi says

    Saw this booth at PAX and it was a pretty cool surprise. I know some people might not think a lot of these types of set ups are necessary but I say giving people options is always interesting.

  15. Sean DeMarco says

    This is killing me inside looking at this.  I want to build what Spotswood does or at least be creative in some sort of way to make my life a little better.  Damn that pc is awesome!

  16. MrLehi99 says

    All I cared about in the whole video was the EK-Vardar fans in the background. I am going to get their 3000 RPM PWM fans here pretty soon and right now the only reliable place I can find them is NCIX U.S.. I'm getting the 3000 RPM ones not because I want them to run at full speed, but because they are all black and they will be sitting at the top of my case right underneath a black fan grille and filter. I really like color continuity and the Stock SP120Ls on my H105 are a bit of an eyesore shining through in a dull gray, and they're loud as all hell.

  17. wxrick says

    Looks like luke has been taken over by the Process.

  18. Moby says

    I made this once….. lel, glad to know I wasn't the only stupid one to do this 🙂

  19. 19schulze19 says

    Awesome. Can you take a kloser look at it?

  20. Rodrigo Orellano says

    Dat 478 motherboard

  21. Calum Bushell says

    They should so sell these at Ikea

  22. supervideoman000 says

    Its not store.phantomglass.com its store.phantom.glass , Luke should know this he was at CES!!!

  23. paradoxdesigns says

    perfect for some bedtime gaming. 

  24. Chitranjan Baghi says

    whatever the heck is the important line in this video

  25. Robert Magkalas says

    Why didn't I think of that?!

  26. alexandsimba says

    I can't believe he is selling this as a product. All I see here is an odd case mod. This could be a disaster if someone thinks it's just a drawer.

  27. HaydenLikeHey says

    All the people in the back staring at me really make this video unnerving.

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