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Columbia/Overbrook Entertainment/Escape Artists (Audio Descriptive)


Part of AD Week. Taken from The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

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  1. Tina Buhl of Green says

    Amanda Wright (PG-13)

  2. Farida Damayanti says


  3. Chachi RO says

    0:03 Talks All Times

  4. jospicer1971 says

    Amanda Wright – IMS (12)

  5. Mr. G-Man Official says

    Amanda Wright – IMS.

  6. TylerTristar2IsBack says

    NVM, Here is the Non Audio Descriptive Version (I changed the pitch to PAL Toned 104% on Camtasia Studios which is the Proper PAL Pitch for logos, NTSC Pitch is 100% thats the American versions and international, Anyways Enjoy it has finally been revealed on youtube

  7. TylerTristar2IsBack says

    can you make another version of this without the Audio Description, I am curious to hear what that one sounds like internationally, Thanks.

  8. TylerTristar2IsBack says

    Hope to get the UK DVD of this

  9. Jonathan Carrillo says

    I think that the American Version for the Audio Description Track for The Pursuit Of Happiness is described by the Media Access Group @ WGBH, and it is read by Pat Lentz.

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