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College Football Returns | Maximum Football 2019 Review


College Football is back with Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019. Sports Gamers Online reviews!

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NCAA Football was an American football video game series developed by EA Sports in which players control and compete against current Division I FBS college teams. The series is a younger brother to the Madden NFL series.

In July 2013, the NCAA announced that it would not renew its licensing contract with Electronic Arts because of an ongoing legal dispute regarding the use of player likenesses in the games. However, this contract only covers the use of the NCAA name and related logos, not those of individual schools and conferences, which are negotiated individually or through the Collegiate Licensing Company. The CLC concurrently announced that it would extend its existing licensing deal with EA through 2017, ensuring that EA Sports could continue the series without the NCAA branding. However, the series was placed on hiatus in September 2013, following three major conferences pulling their trademark licenses from EA, and uncertainties surrounding the results of lawsuits involving the use of player likenesses in-game. However, EA Sports is still making an attempt to get the series back going.

Players’ real names and exact likenesses are not used in the game. While the Madden NFL series uses real player names and likenesses, those players are compensated for the use of their image. Due to NCAA restrictions on the amateur status of athletes, names are not allowed. Additionally, current college players cannot be used as cover athletes. Instead, each cover features a player whose college eligibility ended the season before the game’s release, wearing his former college uniform. The only two exceptions have been the Wii version of NCAA Football 09, which featured Sparty, the mascot of Michigan State University, on the cover, and NCAA Football 06 when Desmond Howard was featured on the cover striking the Heisman Trophy pose during his career at Michigan, despite not playing for Michigan for more than 15 years.

Although EA Sports does not claim that the players in the game represent real life players, the jersey number, position, height, weight, home state, and ethnicity are aligned with the real players. Fans of any particular team are sure to recognize their favorite players (for example, in NCAA Football 2014, University of North Carolina Tar Heels QB #2 would correspond to QB Bryn Renner). Actual usage of a player’s real name would be in violation of the NCAA’s policy regarding student athletes. Amateur “roster makers” will often manually associate player names and will upload a roster file to the built-in roster sharing system. As of the 09 release, EA has put in the EA Locker feature which allows remote roster sharing online through either Xbox Live or PlayStation Network depending on the console.


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  1. Manny Davis says

    Give this game 2 more years and it’ll be better

  2. richard seeger says

    dude stop playing..this is a piece of trash

  3. Jamie Foss says

    You are really misremembering what PS1 and PS2 graphics looked like lol

  4. Pugilist Enthusiast says

    if they get proper funding, get in a proper franchise mode, in 2 years, then only fanboys will be playing an arcade game Madden. Legit simulation football gamers will flock to Maximum Football.

  5. Sports Nation. 1 says


  6. Cyril Moore says

    Madden NFL is better

  7. Lokilookalike 89 says

    Is there a player lock feature? Or carrer mode ? Also how deep is the customization of individual players?

  8. lewis griffin says

    Won't be long you'll be getting real college football games again now that they came to that agreement how about players making money

  9. lewis griffin says

    Not for nothing but it's the first time since 2014 not 2013 when you're not a video like this you need to have your facts correct

  10. lewis griffin says

    I've never even heard of this game and I love college football must not be that good of a game then

  11. nick amalfitano says

    This game is trash. Thankful that I found a copy of NCAA Football 13 and bought a cheap 360.

  12. wgrimm88 says

    Yeah this is PS2 graphics and animation

  13. WHΞNWΞDIΞ says

    Better than madden!!

  14. Frank Falcone says

    Sega had better football games. ?

  15. GKdunch says

    still better than madden though, also, HOW can you people say this looks early ps2? go play madden 2001 and say that with a straight face. this game looks like madden 11 to 12 and at worst 10

  16. Renegade Rawlo says

    I fw this game

  17. SmartBrotha34 says

    What if 2k bought them?

  18. Aries Radke#6 says

    i see they paid you well this year. game is trash

  19. xNowakx927x says

    Can you take the college players to the pros without making them again
    As in like a draft at the end of the season in the pros

  20. Ro Dutch says

    NCAA 14 on xbox 360 has better game play

  21. Joe Bob Tarheel says

    This game is pure dogshit!! D+

    Only good thing is college Dynasty mode

  22. richard seeger says

    worst sports game ever created , still better then any madden game

  23. MisterJonesification says

    Gameplay is a 1 from what I've seen, as for longevity, I feel 6 is way too high since who wants to play a game for long when the gameplay is so bad? Also, not mentioned in the review is that there are NO USER interceptions, and on offense you can't control whoever you're throwing the ball to. Instead, you can ONLY control them AFTER they catch the ball, this huge oversight means you are at the mercy of the bad ai and if they feel like running the correct route…it strips away user control.

    Also, look at the metacritic reviews where it got a 3. To me, that is a much better score than mentioned in this review. You sadly had people that 'supported'(there's that word again) a shit game, buying into the ncaa 14 spiritual successor hype only to have a game so bad that they can't even play it for long. And at $30, it's way too much, if it were correctly priced in the $5-10 range, it would be easier to ignore some of it's many, many flaws.

  24. MisterJonesification says

    This dev in particular can't handle criticism. He rudely told us to make our own game instead of responding to legit criticisms maximum football 18…19 is the same shitty game as 18 but it's marketed a spiritual successor to NCAA 14 when it's not.

    And at $30 is $25 overpriced and I'm not joking. Horrible names like this made me lose respect for ryanmoody since he has been nothing but a hype man for shity games like this yet he nitpicks Madden to death. I caught him in a lie last year where he said one of his visits that he's done with Madden so I called his bluff but of course he needs Madden since bashing madden Madden gets his channel views.

    I'm not a Madden fanboy either, but these sheep are kidding themselves with their fake praise of this awful game. the sheet make excuses about small team this blah blah this game is not worth what they charge for it, no excuse for it look and play so horribly. and to the guy you said not all of us have old systems anymore as a bad excuse to get this shitty game…GET ONE. They are dirt cheap you can get a 360, ps3, hell a ps2, original xbox and get a MUCH better football game.

  25. MrJbinchrist says

    I'm going to get this on release day (2-4-20) and give it a try. I bought Madden 19 when it came out and I was extremely disappointed with where that series has went over the years. I grew up with Madden on Genesis and even played it some on the PC in the early 2000s but now days it seems the game has lost the desire to be fun and tries to be lifelike to the point with where you have to learn 50 different button combinations just to play it. I will sacrifice looks for enjoyment on a game any day for that is all it is …… a game.

  26. La Plaga says

    This is a damn good mobile game

  27. Kevin Larson says

    All these "I'll stick to NCAA"
    Well, not everyone has a last gen machine that still functions. So it's not an option for us. February they're releasing a new champion edition. So I will likely wait til then to get it, rather than get the regular from PSN store.

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