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College Basketball Fights Compilation (Part 3)


This video is College Basketball Fights Compilation (Part 3). This is one of my many NBA and basketball videos and Compilations, so if you enjoy it I would appreciate a sub. Hope you enjoy the video and comment suggestions for future videos!

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  1. Buzzer Beater says
  2. Michael Schill says

    First one was the black guy's fault

  3. E Clouston says

    First one….Waving his hands like he didn’t cheap shot him in the back of the head what a douche

  4. Cole Darton says

    First fight was caused by what the opposing player said. He said, "make it oh it is a cinch". He thought he said ,"Make or they lynch ya.

  5. Archibald Chuzzlewit says

    That old school Missouri fight video was unreal. Well done to find it!

  6. J T says

    Was the first one Steve Blake?

  7. Jack Dickinson says

    One more reason not to watch basketball! It’s their sport!

  8. Anthony Locacascio says

    Dude in 1st fight starts trying to fight after everyone holds him back lol

  9. mel says

    Mayne I was in the locker room for the second fight and I flew out there like a bat outta hell. You think I was gonna miss the opportunity to squeeze some tiddays while pretending to break up a fight? Please.

  10. Mario Henriquez says

    Ruining one of the gorgeous sport in the world, these street vendors, not bball players.

  11. Ivan Cervantes says

    Who is against who in the first video

  12. Draco Protect says

    First video 33-34 Conner McGregor move lol

  13. c r says

    There are some punches in these videos that I would be embarrassed if I threw a punch like that ..don't start a fight if you can't even fight! What sense does that make? that's like not liking spicy food at all but searching for the hottest food when you go out to eat LOL ?‍♂️ chicken winging their punches and shit pushing them instead of throwing them wtf

  14. Corona Virus says

    They all should learn to the philippines basketball team how proper brawl made

  15. Carlos Hernandez says

    Me gusta ver el espíritu americano

  16. Mark Acosta Jr. says

    Lol that first fight home boy got 1 hit in and ran away then needed to get held back when it was broken up.

  17. Mr. Joiner says

    Yeah the ejected the white boy not the black guy who can't play so he wanna grab folks

  18. Unr8d N8v says

    Was that jordan in the beginning helping break up the fight?

  19. BA/CDC0120 says

    That one announcer, end of the world happening: "we have unnecessary and extracurricular activity taking place".

  20. Lane says

    1st fight was the terrapins scrimmage, Steve Blake was a fighter , and the fight in him helped him go to the next level. It was 2002 , man I feel old. Blake even tried to fight Dwight Howard , but Vince Carter had to save Dwight from Blakes fury…..LOL. John Gilchrist wished he would of fought back that time at practice… Kobe said Blake was ferocious and wouldn't back down from anyone or take any shit….Kobes words verbatim ….He was his closest teammate during Blakes Laker days….

  21. Nathan says

    "Where's my reparations"

  22. Tony Rome says

    There's nothing like a good fist fight to relieve tension it's amazing get punched in the face a few times all that tension Slips Away

  23. jamsk8s says

    what happens when you play a sport with a bunch of people who would rather not be playing, along with bullying

  24. Baxter Stocksandbondsman says

    His knees buckled with softest jab

  25. 206WarEagle says

    Lady coach in stiletto heels aint breaking up nathan….

  26. Wayne Howells says

    I like all the mayhem going on the announcers sound so excited saying this is really beginning to be something now lol.

  27. Mii Ja says

    Guy in the last video #21 I wouldn’t go not anywhere but not NoWhere with Him

  28. Richard Marden says

    Tribal we call it !

  29. fredact says

    If you notice, all the fights have one thing in common.

  30. Wanda Willow says

    Thanks for representing

  31. Horn Canguio Willie says


  32. M Alvarado says

    I just want to say not to often the title matches these basketball games fights, but you did have some old school fights so that's automaticall gonna fit the title lol ??

  33. Zeeeuuus 07 says

    Not needed extra curricular activity ????

  34. Ken Amaro says

    When I watch basketball players fight…..I miss Hockey that much more.

  35. E Z E says

    Looks like the latest riots.

  36. pullt says

    Alton Lee Gipson was not a dude to be trifled with….

  37. sandra ann says

    They ? that cop watch him

  38. La Raza says

    Why you backing up for boy . . .

  39. Brad Taylor says

    Even bball fights are lame….. Gay

  40. strafer says

    White kid was about to lay that petty black kid out. He’s gonna smack him and pretend it was accident

  41. Roger Harris says

    That white boy was looking for a fight

  42. lode maes says

    black and whites in the first video that break up the fight ???better then BLM ?thx guys

  43. ChrisENT says

    Lol. Steve Blake in the first vid

  44. Token Black says

    Jeff Blake was always a tough b baller. Kobe loved him as laker cause he wouldn’t back down for anybody

  45. JayThe Unique1 says

    trash video quality

  46. Aurora 51 says

    Waste of time!

  47. ThePlugCharlie says

    Yooo not gonna add kanas vs k state from this year? Smh ?‍♂️

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