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Call Of Duty Mobile season 9 full lobby theme song full high quality .


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  1. all movie love it says

    Oh god this theme reminder man and im gonna download again call of duty ww2 on steam

  2. Himanshu Thakur says

    It gives the vibes of Portals from Avengers and Courtyard Apocalypse from Harry Potter ??

  3. Othman Serraoui says

    Cod ww2♥️

  4. Major Alex says

    Nice I didn't get the Beta version yet…so, it would be late Uploading this time ??
    Keep it up Soldier! ?

  5. Salman Kabir says

    How to get spec ops 4?

  6. Penguin XD says

    Praying to god spec ops 4 is free…

  7. FadhFadhil says

    0:000:59 heart touching

  8. Abhay Empire says

    Bro lobby was old

  9. __ says

    Sounds like game of thrones lmao

  10. A W says

    The season 9 theme music sounds sad

  11. Shermi Perera says

    The theme is like the one in cod ww2 am i right? But still i love that song from ww2 ( brother hood of heros)

  12. Rishi Ghatge says

    I feel like iam playing cod ww2 or world at war

  13. Mr. N34L says

    Just like ww2's Menu Theme it represents the soldiers who fought and died for their country

  14. Seva Tapia says

    Is a wwll soundtrack :0

  15. Kikanai de says

    This theme song makes me want to salute all the soldiers who are alive and died from the war

  16. Nayan Singh says

    It has GOT vibes

  17. Diego Vanitegem says

    Sounds like call of duty ww2 theme

  18. Maitrix says

    99% players will have this favorite part 🙂
    and this also
    "The starting is also beautiful"
    ""The music is not epic , It is legendary"

  19. Dakazu says

    Incomplete "full song".

  20. Dakazu says


  21. Anubhav Rout says

    That explains why there was no change in the lobby music this season as this masterpiece was being created.

  22. Sowrabh Ullal says

    No less than a movie…

  23. M_ Kz says

    bro when will Manta ray or Moami Mizushima come ? can plz reply

  24. Arvy Blackops says

    Welcome to the Bloody 1st (U.S. Army 1st Infantry Division) you're long way from texas farm boy

  25. Danish Dhiaurrahman says

    The best theme old to new

    Nostalgia theme

  26. Roohinn Balan says

    This song is ? saddd

  27. Pak lah Abdullah says

    How to use another skin???

  28. Kundiman Langit says

    definitely gonna make a cover of this theme!

  29. Annex Ong says

    It makes me tears I don't know what I feel even I'm happy that season 9is WW2 theme ❤?… I think COD mobile had a tribute to veteran's in WW2 and that is in season 9 ?❤??…

  30. Aceng Lemu says

    This music like battle of stalingrad

  31. John Laurence says

    Imagine this music playing when all of your teammates are knockdown in BR and your the only one left

  32. MeVersusJack says

    The stuck glitch also happened to me

  33. Levi_ athon says

    This is the closest to beating season 6’s theme song

  34. Tangsang Rai says

    1:10 "Where goosebump started"

  35. RIP THE DREAMS says

    It's CoD World War 2's theme, but a junior theme but nothing can beat Season 2 Winter's theme and Christmas theme

  36. Acuan05 says

    this is world war song?

  37. Snooks says

    Gamer's Spot join my sub sqaud lol

  38. Joseph Hill says
  39. Chaitanya Rao says

    Is this your full time job?

  40. ambreesh ram says

    Super bro awesome video bro keep doing we support u more luv u thanks for your information

  41. Snooks says

    Gamer's Spot join my sub sqaud lol

  42. Nishik Varma says

    Bro u said that u would give us the link of updated test server ☹️

  43. AKA _GOJIRA says

    1:55 ooh you staring right there ?

  44. RyanTheProPlayzYt says

    Yea but it is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeez!

  45. RyanTheProPlayzYt says

    It is a sad theme actually

  46. Vipul Man says

    This theme is like a tribute to the fallen WW2 soldiers ????✌️

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