CLASSIC KI Remixed Music- Hidden Easter Eggs

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View: CLASSIC KI Remixed Music- Hidden Easter Eggs

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38 bình luận trong “CLASSIC KI Remixed Music- Hidden Easter Eggs

  1. You guys are complaining about Jago's hidden theme not being a remix of "Do It Now!", but if you listen closely, it's there. But overall, his idle theme is a remix of his KI2/Gold theme, just slowed down

  2. This has already been discovered by RKosmik check on his channel he's got all the full Komplete Dynamic Theme's for each character and with there classic themes too.

  3. i think the sadira theme in this video, its more like a Prince of Persia Warrior Within…its so similar of the soundtrack…dont get mad its just my opinion

  4. You guys don't know anything about Killer Cuts!!!  Gosh, I wish I still had mine.  I had broken that cd a couple years back and my spirit broke along with it.  I was just about to place it in the cd player, and kick back to some KI jams; but before I did, I gave it a wipe and… CRACK!  Two pieces.  My heart sunk.

    These are all remixed.  So, they don't compare to the originals.  Eyedols was my favorite on Killer Cuts.  And that last song here: noice.

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