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CHINA TRAVEL GUIDE | Essential Tips to Know


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Traveling to China can seem intimidating, I hope my #ChinaTravelGuide can help you feel more prepared and less nervous! These #ChinaTravelTips are compiled from my unique perspective as someone who once lived in China but now visits as a ‘foreigner’. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask:)

———————-Useful Resources———————-

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◇ The VPN service I always use in China and trusts:

◇ I recommend iVisa for any help with your Chinese visa:

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◇ Complete guide on why you need VPN & How to use it

——— CHINA TRAVEL TIPS series ———
➟ 10 Things NOT to Do in China:
➟ Common Scams to Avoid in China:
➟ Learn Simple Chinese for Travel:
➟ Social and Cultural Etiquette in China:

◇ If reading is more your thing:


Here’s a list of topics I talk about in this video:
1. Useful Apps
2. ATMs & How to Bargain
3. Finding Accommodation
* I used booking.com because they let you know if an accommodation only accepts Chinese citizens.

4. Transportation
• Edit: I can’t believe I forgot to mention:
In bigger cities, USE the subway train! So easy and always in English.

5. Dining / Service
6. Culture Shock & What to Expect


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Hi there, my name is Dia.
I left Los Angeles in late 2017 and have been traveling ever since. I began making videos to keep myself grounded, and since then it has turned into my dream career! Taking the leap to chase my dream was scary at first, but sharing my stories and adventures with you guys have been an amazing part of it.

I hope to continue making travel vlogs and valuable guides to help and inspire others. Would love to get to know ya! Drop a comment and say hi 🙂


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  1. DIA JIN says

    Hi guys! 🤗 After I made this video I received a ton of questions. This made me realize there's always more I can share to help ease your mind about your China trip. So I made a second video on: 10 things NOT to do in China + Q&A: https://youtu.be/cnRguPpUQIw (some updated info in regards to WeChat Pay, VPN, and more..)

  2. 56Neogenesis says

    Here's a China travel tip, DON'T do it. Fuck the CCP

  3. ben3847 says

    there‘s only one tip: don‘t go there, the government will make you disappear

  4. Maratha for India says

    World must come together and break corruption communist China in to 4 parts !

  5. thomas tieu says

    You are beautiful

  6. Sarah A says

    Thank you, this video was very helpful!

  7. Anna EAP says

    Many thanx for the survival tips. I intend to visit China someday and your channel is surely help me greatly!

  8. Michael Anderson says

    OK, two years ago, but helpful and interesting! And surely still much valid. 👍
    I was about to go to China earlier this spring, but it was cancelled due to known reasons …
    I hope to be able to go after the summer instead!
    One thing about Google translate from camera – it seems (my experience from Japan) to work better with translating to English than smaller languages as, in my case, Swedish.

  9. Frank Learning Mandarin says

    Please tell me all Chinese women look like you. 🙂
    you should be a model

  10. Chinese Journey says

    Beidaihe is very nice! We just made a travel video about it!

  11. guest onearth says


  12. guest onearth says


  13. RAE DY says

    Oof I was shoved 4 times in less than 30 mins

  14. S CT says

    OMG, the tattoos would make you stand out as a foreigner for sure.

  15. S CT says

    I am watching this old 2018 video, cause I would like to see china next year in 2021. You were treated differently, cause they can spot an ABC from the way you dress. It is what it is.
    Sim card
    VPN APP, Express VPN
    Goggle translate
    Baidu maps
    Ctrip — booking site

  16. RUDY XXX says

    You are beautiful. ..😊

  17. john accettola says

    preferectly done.. great info ty, very pretty..lucky you to have that background of both worlds.. i'm envious

  18. apalsnerg says

    Tiananmen Square

  19. Marina P. says

    Useful video. Thank you. Just about the Western restaurants, in France, from what you said about China, we behave the same as them. I was shocked in the USA at first cause of the waiter interrupting our lunch all 5 minutes (it's quite rude in France if you keep doing, the customer call you when needed or do eyes contact) and the 20%+ tip. We don't tip here.

  20. babiumno1 says

    Wow! I am speechless.

  21. 夏循 says


  22. Roselia Bermudo says

    Do you live macau china im born there to but i dont speak chinise only english and filipino

  23. joejohanne buado says

    madam dia jin your beautiful without a makeup and dressing up fist before work in your video in the hotel that you stay thanks madam dia i appreciate that beautiful smile

  24. joejohanne buado says

    madam dia jin hello , thanks for the tips for traveling to china , i had to go there have a business trip with my associate thanks madam dia

  25. Jesse & Ivy says

    so if you are a foreigner prepare yourself ) Chinese will stare at you and ask to take pictures) but it is actually funny ..mostly

  26. Jesse & Ivy says

    you know ive been living in China for almost 2 years already but i still cannot get used how Chinese look at me all the time… sometimes i just dont care, but sometimes it is really annoying ..

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