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CHICKEN & EGG – iPhone promo [Donut Games]


The easter bunny has gone wacky and trapped all the cute little chickens in a desperate attempt to ruin easter.

Don’t let him succeed! Save the trapped chickens by solving crazy puzzles involving ramps, spikes, buttons and other fun, mind-bending obstacles.

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  1. Ahmed Fahad says

    One of the best games on iPhone.

  2. Lacci Nicole says

    I'm stuck on level 96

  3. Jenny / Junky says

    lol, nvm I forgot

  4. Jenny / Junky says

    Stuck on 20

  5. nickoreviews4 says

    If anyone needs help on any chicken and egg level solutions I put levels on my channel and if u need help on any others comment on my vids and I will put em up !!! Thanks

  6. just want that egg juggler game

  7. Prestaka Family says

    help… i've been stuck at level 67 for weeks…

  8. JuiceBoxter71 says

    Now I can't do 67

  9. JuiceBoxter71 says

    How do u finish level 32???????

  10. Louis Jason says

    I'm having trouble w level 69 can you help me?

  11. @1NYMfan agreed!

  12. Tillmann Int-Veen says

    That's so 1990's

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