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Cat Invades Fashion Show And Teaches Models How To Walk The Real Catwalk


A cat get the show at the Vakoo Esmod International Fashion Show in Istanbul, Turkey this week after wandering onto the catwalk and take a paw at the models as they walked by.

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  1. Hazel Cornell says

    When an outfit looks like utter shit even on a professional model, you KNOW it's bad.

  2. hub cubby says

    Bby.kim ‼ ❤

  3. stop08it says


  4. Sky Walker says

    That’s a cat walk

  5. FAIRY rrr says

    Model : Does Catwalk
    Cat : No not like that ,Let me show you

  6. Sophia's World says

    I want to move to Turkey lol I love cats

  7. Mag12012001 says

    Pick him up for sake…

  8. # Mom says

    Everybody was in shock because of a cat? What a bunch of wuss.

  9. Adoerfler says

    The cat was the only thing that didn't look ridiculous.

  10. Fatihul Dhiya Ullail says

    The actual winner goes to the cat

  11. Mo Uri says

    No one walks the cat walk like a cat

  12. Melike K says

    Oh Turkey ???

  13. Adorable Cats says

    Greetings from Turkey 🙂

  14. Richard Andretti says

    Cat… this is so stupid, let me leak my balls…

  15. pinxqbamboo_ says

    TURKEYY ??

  16. Aleksandra Petrovic says

    Sweet cat stole the show

  17. Aethgeir says

    What really needed was Stayin Alive by the BeeGees!

  18. James White says

    1:09 the cat really did strike a pose

  19. feidaoxi-healing dot com says

    How to pay tribute to Earth and Her beings through meditation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9aNFDkiTho&feature=youtu.be

  20. Hoodies Robin says

    Hahaha this is a good one

  21. Cell 90 says

    0.50 silly girl you ruined my Catwalk

  22. Toonyman B. Studios says

    If the cat slaps you it means to get the fuck off the stage! You have been judged Your doing it wrong and you suck!

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